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  1. 52-year cycle of cataclysms
  2. 13th cycle of cataclysms
  3. Black Death
  4. Justinianic Plague
  5. Dating of Justinianic Plague
  6. Plagues of Cyprian and Athens
  1. Late Bronze Age collapse
  2. 676-year cycle of resets
  3. Abrupt climate changes
  4. Early Bronze Age collapse
  5. Resets in prehistory
  6. Summary
  7. Pyramid of power
  1. Rulers of foreign lands
  2. War of classes
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  4. Apocalypse 2023
  5. World infowar
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Rulers of foreign lands

To better understand the methods of operations and goals of the Cult of Saturn, we need to know its history. In this chapter I will outline how the cult came to power over the world and what its goals are for the future.


From the Pizzagate affair and other sources, we can learn that members of the elite make child sacrifices to the god Baal. This fact clearly indicates that they are followers of the Canaanite religion, which has its origin in the ancient land of Canaan, also known as Phoenicia. This land was located on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on the territory of present-day Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. The Phoenician civilization began to develop as early as 2750 BC. Later, the Phoenicians colonized much of the Mediterranean coast, especially North Africa. In 814 BC, they founded the Carthaginian Empire, which existed until 146 BC. The Phoenicians made many important discoveries. They had a highly developed social organization and significant material resources that enabled them to create impressive buildings. They were not much inferior to the famous civilizations of Sumer and Egypt.

The Canaanites, like other ancient cultures, followed a polytheistic religion. Of the many gods they worshiped, the most important were Asherah, El, and Baal. Asherah is the mother goddess, the goddess of fertility. El is the supreme god, the creator of the world, and Ashera’s husband. El was also sometimes identified with Baal, who was the god of storm, rain, and fertility. The Greek counterpart to Baal was Kronos, and the Roman was the god Saturn. Therefore, worshipers of Baal can also be called the cult of Saturn. Baal and El were depicted as a bull or sometimes as a ram. The Canaanites worshipped the gods by erecting stelae (vertical carved stones) to them. They were builing mounds of earth on which they performed their rituals.

Human sacrifices
Offering a child to Moloch (an illustration from the Bible)

According to the Bible, the Canaanites were the most demoralized and degenerate people. They not only worshipped idols, but also practiced divination, witchcraft, prophecy, and summoning ghosts. The Bible strongly condemns them also for practicing incest, homosexuality, and zoophilia. The Canaanite cities known from the Bible are Sodom and Gomorrah, which the God of the Israelites was to destroy for their sins with fire and brimstone. Recently, scientists discovered in Jordan traces of the fall of a large meteorite dating back to around 1650 BC.(ref.) It was probably this event that inspired the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The sin of the Canaanites that aroused the greatest repugnance among their neighbors was „passing the children through the fire to Moloch”. In order to bring rain and ensure their harvest, they were offering human sacrifices to the god Baal. The Molk (Moloch) sacrifice consisted of the burnt offering of firstborn children, and the Herem sacrifice were made by killing prisoners of war.

Many contemporary Greek and Roman historians describe the Carthaginians as practicing child sacrifice by burning. You can read their descriptions here: link. An extreme crisis required special ceremonies in which up to 200 children from the most affluent and most powerful families were thrown on the burning pyre. Modern archeology in ancient Punic areas has uncovered a number of large cemeteries with urns containing the charred bones of infants. The silent movie „Cabiria” from 1914 shows what making sacrifices in Carthage looked like.

Cabiria (Giovanni Pastrone, 1914)
A sculpture of the ruler of the Hyksos dynasty

The Canaanites and Carthaginians did not enjoy a good reputation among their neighbors. Greek and Roman writers described them as perfidious, greedy, and treacherous. Orosius wrote that there were neither moments of happiness in their mutual relations, nor moments of peace in their contacts with other nations. There is an Egyptian stele with a written curse against the Canaanite cities. And in the ruins of the Sumerian city of Mari, a letter on a clay tablet was found, whose author complained about „thieves and Canaanites wreaking havoc in the city”.

About 1675 BC the Canaanites succeeded in conquering Lower Egypt. The Canaanite rulers in Egypt were called Hyksos, which means „rulers of foreign lands”. In the captured territories they applied a different policy than other invaders. They were not setting up their own administration, and were not repressing the population, but adapted the existing order, blending in with the centuries-old tradition and experience. In the occupied territory, they made a great contribution to the development of technology by introducing horse-drawn carriages (chariots), which revolutionized the way military operations were conducted. In the field of religion, they did as they did in politics. They adopted Seth (the god of darkness and chaos) as their main god, identifying him with Baal. Also in Egypt the Canaanites made human sacrifices, as evidenced by the remains of young women found there.


The Canaanites ruled Egypt for more than a century before the Egyptians regained control of their country. Soon afterwards, Egypt conquered the land of Canaan and then was occupying it for about four centuries. The Bible describes this period as the Egyptian captivity of the Israelites (the Israelites are descended from the Canaanites). At this time, during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten, the cult of a single god – the sun god Aten – became popular, which gave rise to monotheistic religions. Then, during the global cataclysm of the Late Bronze Age collapse, Egypt suffered severely and this allowed the Canaanites to regain control of their land. That reset also triggered great migrations of peoples. In the Bible, this story is presented as the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Some of the Canaanites, inspired by the Egyptian cult of Aten, turned to monotheism and created Judaism.

The Book of Exodus says that when the Israelites came out of Egypt and wandered through the desert, some of them doubted the power of the God Yahweh and returned to the worship of the golden calf. The calf or bull is an image of the Canaanite god Baal. Thus, the early Israelites worshipped Baal and they probably offered human sacrifices to him. The God of the Israelites vehemently condemned the worship of the calf. Judaism was hostile to the Canaanite religion from the outset. In the Bible, God commands His chosen people to take over the land of the Canaanites (the Promised Land) and kill all the inhabitants of that land, including children, so that the evil done by that people would never return. The Israelites fulfilled this command only to a certain extent. In the conquered lands, they established the ancient Jewish states of Israel and Judah. King Solomon, with the help of the Phoenician king Hiram, built a temple in Jerusalem where bloody animal sacrifices were offered. The worship of Baal persisted, especially in Phoenicia, and the Canaanite religion survived. The dispute between monotheistic and polytheistic religions remains unresolved to this day. Many facts indicate that the final battle will take place soon.


The Phoenicians were described as enterprising and pragmatic, demonstrating a remarkable ability to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances. They were distinguished by their cleverness and high intelligence. Their most important invention is the alphabet. The Phoenicians are also considered the inventors of soap and money as a means of payment. Phoenicia and the Carthaginian Empire were among the most economically developed countries of antiquity. The universal view was that Carthage was the richest city in the world. They had very well- developed crafts and advanced agriculture. They traded slaves on a very large scale. The most important source of income of the Phoenician cities was a deep-sea trade, for the Phoenicians were above all a nation of unparalleled seafarers and merchants.

Phoenician sailors sailed far beyond Gibraltar, including to the Tin Islands, usually identified with Britain. They discovered the Canary Islands and most likely the Cape Verde as well. According to the records of Herodotus, they probably sailed around Africa​ at the behest of the Egyptian pharaoh Necho II (ca 600 BC). European sailors did not accomplish this feat until more than 2 millennia later. There are indications that the ancient Phoenicians or Carthaginians reached Brazil. This is supported by various facts, ancient sources and archeological findings. One example is the Phoenician inscriptions that have been discovered all over Brazil, including inland.(ref.) You can read about them here: link.

Piri Reis map from the year 1513
View image in full size: 1309 x 1746px

The conquistador Pedro Pizarro, in his account of the great Spanish invasion of South America in the 1500s, reported that the masses of Andean Indians were small and dark, while the members of the ruling Inca family were tall and had whiter skin than the Spaniards themselves. He mentions in particular certain individuals in Peru who were white and had red hair. We find the same thing occurring among the mummies in South America. Some of the mummies have red, often chestnut-colored hair, silky and wavy, as found amongst Europeans. They have long skulls and remarkably tall bodies. Most red-haired mummies comes from the Paracas culture, which lasted from ca 800 BC to ca 100 BC.(ref.) Pizarro asked who the white-skinned redheads were. The Inca Indians replied that they were the last descendants of the Viracochas. The Viracochas, they said, were a divine race of white men with beards. The Incas thought of Spaniards that they were the Viracochas who had sailed back across the Pacific.(ref., ref.)

If we accept that the Phoenicians managed to conquer the Americas in ancient times, it becomes clear why there are so many similarities between the two distant cultures. The Indians built stone stelae with images of gods, just as the Phoenicians did. They were also building pyramids without a top, much like the symbol on the one-dollar banknote. At the top of the pyramids, the Aztecs carried out bloody murders of prisoners of war and they sacrificed children to the rain god Tlaloc. They carried out the murders in such a way as to inflict as much pain on the victim as possible, which was supposed to secure the favor of the gods.

The Cult of Saturn in the Middle Ages

Phoenicia was conquered by Alexander of Macedonia in 332 BC, and the Carthaginian Empire existed until 146 BC, when it was conquered by the Roman Empire. 90% of the Carthaginians were killed and the survivors were taken prisoner. Carthage was razed to the ground. The Roman Empire ruled over the entire Mediterranean region for the next several hundred years, so the cult of Saturn could no longer be practiced, at least not overtly. Around 200 AD the Christian author Tertullian writes:

In Africa infants used to be sacrificed to Saturn, … and to this day that holy crime persists in secret.

Tertullian, ca 200 AD

Apology 9.2–3

A few centuries later, the descendants of the Phoenicians sailed to northern Europe and settled in Scandinavia, where in the 8th century they founded the Viking people. The Vikings were famous for their brutality and for undertaking long-distance sea expeditions of a merchant and robbery character. There is evidence that they reached North America in the 11th century. The Vikings conquered Normandy. There they converted to Christianity and no longer performed pagan rituals. From Normandy came William the Conqueror, who conquered England in 1066. The British royal family is his descendants.


In the early Middle Ages, after the great migration of peoples, the descendants of the Phoenicians and their cult of Saturn appeared also in the Khazar Khaganate. This country was founded in the 7th century on the Black Sea, north of the Caucasus Mountains. It covered the territories of present-day Georgia, eastern Ukraine, southern Russia, and western Kazakhstan. It is probably no coincidence that in the capital of Kazakhstan (Astana) there is now a big building resembling a Masonic pyramid.(ref.) Khazaria was a multi-religious and multi-ethnic state. About 25 distinct ethnic groups made up the population of Khazaria. The ruling stratum was a relatively small group, that differed ethnically and linguistically from its subject peoples. The 10th-century Muslim geographer al-Istakhri claimed that the ruling White Khazars were strikingly handsome with reddish hair, white skin, and blue eyes, while the Black Khazars were swarthy, verging on deep black, as if they were „some kind of Indian”. The Khazars were one of the largest furnishers of slaves to the Muslim market. They sold captured Slavs and tribesmen from the Eurasian northern lands. The Khazars were different from people from surrounding countries. They were described as thieves and spies. They were said to be lawless people who lived a life of sin, of sexual extremities and cruelty. They were masters of deceit. They were worshiping Baal, who demanded child sacrifice. The neighboring countries despised them. They hated the sacrificial rituals in which they threw babies into the flames or cut them open to drink their blood and eat their flesh. Sometime between 740 and 920 AD the Khazar royalty and nobility converted to Judaism, while the rest of the population probably stayed with the old Turkic religion. Although they converted to Judaism, they never really abandoned their pagan beliefs. They did similar thing as they did before in Egypt when they began to worship Seth. This time they embraced Judaism, but began to worship Satan instead of God. That is why they are sometimes called the Synagogue of Satan. The downfall of Khazaria came in the 12th and 13th centuries. After that, the members of the cult emigrated to the west and settled in various European countries.


Today, most cult members claim to be Jews, although some of them belong to other religions. Impersonating Jews was a very clever move. In this way, every time someone criticizes the actions of the Khazarian „Jews”, the real Jews feel offended and start defending them. The Khazars do not even have to make an effort, because others do it for them. And Jews are sensitive to criticism, which is understandable, because in the past they were often blamed for the misdeeds of the Khazarian „Jews”. In the Middle Ages, Jews were expelled from many European countries. One of the reasons for this were accusations of performing ritual murders of children. Jews were accused of such acts in various eras – from ancient times to the present (see: link) and in various countries – not only in Europe, but also in Arab countries, Russia, the USA and others. According to the official version, all these accusations are made up, but I find it hard to imagine that people who lived in different centuries and in different cultures just made up exactly the same stories. Interestingly, although Jews had been present in Europe since antiquity, the first accusations of ritual murders appeared on this continent only in the 12th century,(ref.) that is, just after the arrival of the Khazars.

The ritual murder of Simon of Trent. Illustration in Hartmann Schedel’s Weltchronik, 1493.
Black Nobility

One of the places where the Khazars settled in large numbers was Italy, especially Venice. In the early 12th century, oligarchs of Khazar origin married into Venetian royal families. In the following centuries, during the period of the Crusades, Venice grew to become one of the richest cities in Europe and one of the greatest commercial and political powers in the Mediterranean. With a large fleet at its disposal, Venice made profits from carrying crusaders to the Middle East and from trading privileges. The first bank in history was founded in Venice in 1157. Bankers were equated with Jews from the beginning. The oligarchy of aristocrats and merchants gained complete control of Venice in 1171, when the appointment of the Doge was handed over to the so-called Great Council, composed of members of the oligarchy (among them the infamous de’Medici family). The Black Nobility were those oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa who held the privileged trading rights (monopolies). These people earned the title „black” because of their ruthless lack of scruple. They used assassination, kidnapping, robbery, and all manner of deceit on a grand scale, brooking no opposition to achieving their goals. The masks for which the Venice Carnival is famous could be a symbol of their clandestine manner of acting. Many of the members of the Black Noble families also became high-ranking clergymen and even popes, which is why they are sometimes referred to as the papal bloodlines. It is from these 13 powerful Italian families that all the today’s most powerful families originate, although they use different surnames today.

Knights Templar

(ref.)Many facts indicate that it was the members of the Cult of Saturn who created and controlled the Catholic order known as the Knights Templar. This military order was founded in 1119 and existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages. Its role was to protect Christian pilgrims in Palestine. The full name of the order was „The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon”. It was headquartered in the captured Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This place has its mystique because it was built above what is believed to be the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. The Crusaders therefore referred to the Al-Aqsa Mosque as Solomon’s Temple. The Templars developed innovative financial techniques that were an early form of banking, building a network of nearly 1,000 commanderies and fortifications across Europe and the Holy Land, creating arguably the world’s first multinational corporation.

The Knights Templar were charged with numerous offences such as financial corruption, fraud, and secrecy. Claims were made that during their secret initiation ceremonies, recruits were forced to spit on the cross; and brethren were accused of having encouraged homosexual practices. The Templars were also accused of idolatry and were suspected of worshiping a figure known as Baphomet. King Philip IV of France, while being deeply in debt to the order, commanded that many members of the order in France be arrested and tortured. On Friday, October 13, 1307, dozens of Templars have been burned at the stake in Paris. Under the pressure of the king, the pope dissolved the order and then he instructed all Christian monarchs in Europe to seize all Templars’ property. One theory about the origins of Freemasonry claims its direct descent from the historic Knights Templar through their last 14th-century members who are believed to have sought refuge in Scotland (hence the name of the Scottish Rite).

The path to rule the world

In the Middle Ages, when the Catholic Church was very influential, the Cult of Saturn were being suppressed. The cult hates Christianity to this day, seeing it as the greatest threat to its power. The first evidence of their planning of a conspiracy to seize power dates back to 1489, when the Jewish high court of Constantinople wrote a letter in response to persecution advising French Jews to infiltrate all major institutions: government offices, the Church, health care, and commerce. This was supposed to be a way to seize power in the state. You can read the letter here: link. Indeed, shortly thereafter, the cult begins to gain more and more influence.


The occult Black Nobility has devised a cunning plan to seize power over countries by staging coups, overthrowing ruling monarchs, and introducing democracy, which is the system that is the easiest to manipulate. They began with orchestrating the Cromwell Revolution in England (1642–1651). As a result of the revolution, King Charles I was overthrown by his subjects and beheaded. In addition, the ban on Jewish settlement in England was lifted. Soon after, the Black Nobility helped William of Orange to seize the throne of England (r. 1689–1702). Under his rule, in 1689, a law was passed which guaranteed the supremacy of parliament over the monarchy, giving rise to parliamentary democracy. In 1694, the Bank of England was founded. It was the first central bank under the control of the cult. From then on, they were able to create money „out of thin air”, to grant loans to governments, and thus making them dependent on themselves. At the same time, the City of London became an entity independent of England. You can read more about the English Revolution here: link.


At the same time, in England, the first Masonic lodges were founded. Freemasonry was formed from the transformation of an earlier secret organization – the Rosicrucians. The motto of Freemasonry is: „Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. Also at the same time the Age of Enlightenment begins, which promotes rational thinking, criticism of the Church and democratization of the state. These views served the cult’s agenda perfectly. The first great success of Freemasonry was the infiltration of the Jesuit Order. It was an order of great influence, created for special tasks. Among other things, it dealt with maintaining the relations of the Church with secular authorities. Because of these close contacts with the authorities, the order was an attractive target for Freemasonry. In the 18th century, the Jesuit Order was expelled from most Western European countries for its subversive activities. Even the Pope condemned their actions and dissolved the order in 1773 (it was reinstated 41 years later, after the Napoleonic Wars). In the 18th century, also in England, the Industrial Revolution begins. The capitalists from the City of London developed their businesses efficiently, which allowed them to acquire enormous fortunes. Over time, they became richer than kings.

Flag of the British East India Company

The cult already had England under its control, so when England began to conquer colonies and transform into the British Empire in the 17th century, the cult gradually extended its influence into conquered overseas territories. Between the mid-18th and mid-19th centuries, India was colonized by the British East India Company. It was a private company owned by the City of London Corporation, although the king also had a stake in it. The flag of the British East India Company has 13 horizontal stripes, which may indicate that it was owned by 13 ruling dynasties. The company was so powerful that it had the right to have its own currency and to collect taxes in India. It had the right to maintain its own army, make political agreements and alliances, and declare war. The company’s private military force was twice the size of the British army. Not only was whole India privately owned by this corporation, but also Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), and Sri Lanka. Had it been a state, it would have been the second richest country in the world (after China).(ref.) But it was a company, so its primary responsibility was to maximize profits. They were doing this at an extraordinary human cost. In 1770, the company’s policies led to a catastrophic famine in Bengal that killed about 1.2 million people, 1/5 of the population.(ref.) The company brutally suppressed rebellions. In 1857, 800 thousand Hindus were killed in the uprising. After this event, India was placed under the administration of the British government and later the Indian government. But you do not think that seasoned capitalists could give up such a huge fortune just like that? They have full control over the governments, so, by handing over India to the government, they really lost nothing. India still belongs to them. Only the form of governance has changed from overt to covert control. Thanks to this, people do not rebel anymore,because they are unable to fight against the power that cannot be seen.

United States
George Washington as a Freemason

In 1776, the highest echelons of Freemasons founded the Order of the Illuminati. Today the order probably no longer exists, but its name is used to describe the group that occupies the top of the pyramid of power. In the same year, the United States was founded. Of the 56 signatories of the American Declaration of Independence, 53 were Freemasons.(ref.) From the very beginning, the USA was created as a model Masonic state. Or rather, a Masonic corporation, because although the USA pretends to be a state, it is really a corporation, just like the East India Company. Even their flag is almost the same. And most interestingly, the first US flag that was used in 1775–1777 (the Grand Union Flag),(ref.) was completely identical to the flag of the East India Company. Flags do not lie, the United States is the same corporation as the East India Company. The USA is still a colony dependent on the City of London (more on this here: link). Elections in the USA serve only a motivational role (it is no different in other countries). The owners have noticed that their subjects are less likely to rebel and work more efficiently if they are allowed to vote for one of two candidates for president of the corporation once every few years. Of course, both candidates are pre-selected by the owners to ensure that, no matter who wins, the interests of the corporation are pursued.


It was none other than the Freemasons who masterminded the French Revolution (1789–1799). The slogan of Freemasonry even became the slogan of the Revolution. As a result of the coup, King Louis XVI and many other proponents of the traditional order were beheaded on the guillotine. The absolute monarchy was replaced by a parliamentary monarchy. From now on, the king had to take into account the opinion of the parliament. Immediately after the Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte took power in France. Napoleon is often depicted in paintings with his hand tucked into his jacket, which is the hallmark of the Freemasons. During the Napoleonic Wars (1799–1815), the Freemasons traveled along with Napoleon’s army as far east as Russia, establishing lodges everywhere along the way. In 1848, this resulted in the outbreak of a series of democratic and liberal revolutions throughout Europe (known as the Springtime of Nations). During the Napoleonic Wars, the famous Jewish banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild made a great fortune. But it was not the Rothschilds who created the secret society, it was the secret society that created the Rothschilds.

Royal families
Queen Victoria

The City of London led to the demise of many royal families, but it also took over some of them. From the Black Nobility came the occult family of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, which ruled one of the many minor principalities in Bavaria in Germany. In 1831, Leopold I of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who was a Freemason, was elected King of Belgium. His descendants sit on the Belgian throne to this day, but under a different name. To hide their origin, they changed the family name to House of Belgium. In 1836, Ferdinand II of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha married the Queen of Portugal. By uniting the families, the cult took over the Portuguese royal family and with it the power in that country. This family sat on the throne of Portugal until the abolition of the monarchy. The mother of the British Queen Victoria also came from the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family. In 1837, Victoria ascended the throne of the British Empire. She married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, her cousin. Members of the cult to this day often marry their own cousins so that they can keep their faith and not have to share their wealth with strangers. The people were surprised that the queen of the great empire married a prince of such low status. Perhaps the real goal was to combine the influence of the royal family with the powerful cult. In this way, the cult managed to seize power in Great Britain and other countries that recognized the supremacy of the British monarch. Victoria and Albert were known to participate in spiritualist seances where ghosts were summoned. Their children and descendants were already being raised as cult members. Occultists from the British line of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha later changed their family name to Windsor and are known by that family name today. The Dutch royal family is also undoubtedly part of the cult. It is known that the Bilderberg Group was founded by the Dutch Prince Bernhard.


In 1885, the European powers decided to start colonizing Africa. In less than 30 years the entire continent was conquered. Most of the land was taken by Great Britain, France, Portugal and Belgium. All these countries were already under the control of the cult at that time. After the World War II, African countries formally gained their independence, but the truth is that Britain and other colonial countries never gave up their colonies. There are no such cases in real world that someone gives up power without a fight. They just changed the form of management. Wherever the City of London ever had colonies, it left behind its global corporations and its agents who secretly control those countries to this day.

British Empire

The British Empire was the greatest empire in all of human history. In its heyday in 1921, the empire on which the sun never set covered a quarter of the world’s land area, and its Royal Navy were reaching every corner of the world. In the 19th century, 90% of the world’s trade was carried by British ships controlled by the Crown. The other 10% of ships had to pay commissions to the Crown for the mere privilege of using the oceans. Historians offer no credible explanation for why such a powerful and relatively recently existing empire suddenly disappeared. After all, no one was in a position to threaten it, it did not lose any war, nor did it experience any great cataclysm. There can be only one explanation for this conundrum: The British Empire disappeared because it wanted to disappear. At some point, the empire’s influence was already so great that it were incurring the hostility of the entire world. Therefore, they decided to hide in the shadows. The empire never really went down, it continued its conquests, but from then on it did so in secret, using its agents.


In Brazil, the monarchy was overthrown in 1889 by a coup led by Deodoro da Fonseca, who also was a Freemason. Brazil became a republic. A constitution modeled on that of the USA was adopted and separation of church and state was soon introduced. Interestingly, the newly established Republic of Brazil also adopted a flag with 13 horizontal stripes in its first year of existence.(ref.)


In the same year (1889), a central bank under British control is established in Iran.(ref.) It was founded by a Jew, Israel Beer Josaphat, who changed his name to Paul Reuter to hide his origin. He is best known for founding the famous Reuters news agency. In Iran, he received tax exemptions, and the exclusive right to exploit natural resources and issue money. And whoever controls the issuance of nation’s money, controls the entire nation. Even though Iran pretends to be an independent state, it is actually under the control of the global rulers. This is confirmed by Iran’s behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. Iran was the second country after China to introduce coronavirus psychosis. Media around the world showed how mass graves for coronavirus victims were being dug in Iran. After two years of the pandemic, there are 100 times more cases of COVID-19 in Iran than there were at the peak of the psychosis (according to official data), and yet no mass graves are needed anymore. This strange behavior of Iran proves that this country is controlled by the global rulers.


In 1917, Vladimir Lenin, who was an agent financed by the City of London bankers and their companions from New York, was sent to Russia to initiate the socialist October Revolution. Shortly thereafter, Russian Tsar Nicholas II was murdered with his entire family on Lenin’s orders, which ended the monarchy in Russia. Socialism in the USSR was run from the very beginning by the City of London. It was a brilliant plan. Socialists took the assets of Russian capitalists and handed them over under state administration. And the state was ruled by politicians like Lenin and Stalin who were Freemasons, that is, agents of the City of London and the British king (the Crown). In this way, the Western capitalists took control over Russia. And they did this with complete impunity, as no one was able to figure out that it was the capitalists who were behind the introduction of socialism. After the revolution, a centrally planned economy was introduced in the USSR. All large enterprises were managed from the top down by the authorities. So it was the same as in the US and other capitalist countries, where everything is controlled by companies like Blackrock. The differences were only apparent: in the USSR, the economy was controlled by the state, which was secretly governed by capitalists; and in the USA the economy is controlled by capitalists, who secretly rule also the state. During the Cold War period, people were willing to kill one another over these superficial differences. The Crown wanted to create a conflict between the two systems in order to effectively manipulate the public and countries that were still independent of its influence. It was a very effective manipulation technique, similar to the „good cop / bad cop” technique.(ref.) The conflict between the two systems gave reason for the wars in Korea and Vietnam, and allowed the Crown’s agents to gain power in those countries. And when the Cold War formula was no longer needed, then the same powers that had created socialism simply dismantled it overnight. This had nothing to do with the will of the people. The people of the Eastern Bloc were not even aware of the plans to introduce capitalism. They were faced with a fait accompli. After the introduction of a market economy, state-owned enterprises were privatized. They were sold to Western corporations for a fraction of their value. Former socialist countries, including Russia, remain under the control of the Crown to this day. However, there is perhaps a slightly larger group of patriots in Russia than in other countries, which does not allow for a full implementation of global rulers’ agenda.

World War II

Right after the end of the First World War in 1918, the November Revolution orchestrated by the Crown led to the overthrow of the monarchy in Germany and the introduction of democracy. Democracy soon enabled to bring the British agent Adolf Hitler to power and introduce National Socialism. Nazism helped develop techniques for manipulating society that are widely used by governments today. Besides, it was intended to lead to a great war.

​The Second World War was controlled by the Crown from the beginning. Evidence of this can be seen here: link. The same big bankers financed both sides of the conflict – Germany and the USSR. According to the official narrative, the cause of the war was Germany’s quest for world domination. In reality, Hitler’s loudly promoted plan of conquest served only as a distraction so that the Crown could conquer the world unnoticed. Before the war, the British-American empire was already the dominant power, but it still had strong rivals, especially Germany and Russia, but also China and Japan. It was in these countries that the war wreaked the greatest destruction on the population and economy. On the other hand, in countries like Great Britain, the USA, and British India, the the losses were negligible. And the USA made so much profit in the war that it became a superpower. The war also served as a pretext for the creation of the United Nations, which in a sense is a world government. Through the UN, the global rulers can exert pressure on countries that do not want to submit to them. In this way, the Crown has achieved unchallenged global hegemony. We need only look at who financed this war and who benefited from it, and then it becomes immediately clear who started it and for what purpose. The great ideologies such as Nazism and Communism were really only a pretext which got the mindless masses to engage in the self-destructive war. Just as Hitler’s task was to destroy Germany, Stalin’s task was to destroy the Soviet Union, which he succeeded brilliantly, as his country suffered the heaviest losses in that war. Despite this, he managed to convince his people that he was a hero who had saved his country from the invaders.

Another goal of World War II was to create the State of Israel. The persecution of Jews served to make them feel threatened; and to justify the need for a Jewish state. But Israel was founded by a cult, on lands handed over by the British Empire. Since its inception, Israel has been under the control of the cult, that is, under the control of people who hate real Jews. This clever plan allowed the cult to take over the lands of Canaan from which it originated. All these effects of the war were planned in advance by the Crown.


In the 19th century, the British East India Company was growing opium in India, then shipping it to China, and selling it there. They were making a fortune from it while drugging the Chinese people and weakening their society. The king of China finally banned the importation of the drugs. In response, the colonists instigated two opium wars (1839–1842 and 1856–1860), which they won. China was forced to open its market to opium and Western commodities. This allowed Western countries to make China’s economy dependent on themselves and bring in Crown’s agents. They gradually led to the fall of the ruling Qing Dynasty in 1912, after which China entered a period of civil war and social change. And after the World War II, the Chinese Socialist Revolution (1949) broke out, giving the Crown full control over this country, just as it was in Russia before. Soon after, the Korean War broke out, and resulted in the division of Korea into two states. The Crown-controlled USA put its puppets in power in South Korea. Meanwhile, in North Korea, the USSR, also controlled by the Crown, helped introduce socialism and brought to power its agents – the Kim dynasty. Contrary to appearances, North Korea is also under the control of the global rulers.


In 1854, the United States demanded Japan to sign the „Convention of Peace and Amity” under threat of force by the U.S. Navy. The treaty allowed Western commodities to enter the Japanese market. And after defeating Japan in World War II, American forces occupied this country for 6 years. During this time, enormous changes occurred, not only in terms of the political system, but also socially and culturally. Since then, Japan has been under the full control of the Crown.

European Union

The World War II extended the rule of the Crown to almost the entire world. Then, in order to consolidate their power over European countries, they created the European Union. This bureaucratic monstrosity keeps an eye that Europe will never be able to regain its former glory and create a counterbalance to American power. Although the European Union claims to be a democratic institution, the most important EU officials are not elected by the people. Society elects only the Members of the European Parliament, who have no real influence on enacting the laws. The EU introduces many thousands of pages of new laws every year. MEPs are not even able to read all the laws they are passing, let alone think them over. Polish MEP Dobromir Sośnierz revealed the reality of voting in the Europarliament. He showed that new bills are being pushed through at such a fast pace that the deputies cannot keep up with the voting. When there is a vote „in favor”, they inadvertently raise their hands „against” and vice versa. However, no one cares about these mistakes, because the votes of the deputies are not counted anyway. This example clearly shows that it is not the politicians who make the law. The law is made in a completely different place than people think. The politicians are just mindlessly confirming what has been established by the real rulers. It is worth watching a short video by MEP Sośnierz: link (6m 20s).

Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya

Eventually, using NATO troops, the global rulers seized some of the last independent states. In 2001, they started a war in Afghanistan that could be called another opium war. Afghanistan is the largest producer of poppies, which are used to make opium and heroin. The Taliban opposed drugs and destroyed poppy fields. NATO troops went into Afghanistan, among other things, to protect the poppy fields from the Taliban. The Crown is still involved in trafficking in opium and other drugs. Drugs are important to them not only because they provide them with high profits, but mainly because they contribute to the weakening of society and thus reduce the risk of rebellion. For this reason, they could not allow supplies from Afghanistan to be cut off. In 2003, they invaded Iraq and killed President Hussein. In 2011, they invaded Libya and killed Gaddafi. In each of the invaded countries, central banks were established under the control of the City of London.

1884 cartoon shows Pope Leo XIII at war with Freemasonry

The Catholic Church fought fiercely against Freemasonry for a long time, but ultimately lost this battle. Freemasonry had a significant influence on the decisions of the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965), which introduced reforms to modernize the Church. Pope John Paul I, elected in 1978, was assassinated by the Freemasons after only 33 days in office. His successor, John Paul II (pictured), showed a gesture of affiliation with the Cult of Saturn. The two popes who came after him are undoubtedly also agents of the global rulers.


After taking power over all major countries, they focused on strengthening their control over society. Immediately after the end of the World War II, the CIA launched a covert operation under the code name Mockingbird. It involved introducing undercover agents into all major media outlets (and especially television) in an attempt to control public opinion through lies, manipulation, and social engineering. The operation was a great success. It turned out that people are unable to distinguish truth from lies and believe everything the media tells them. Since then, the media have been shaping society’s views at will. They constantly scare us with new threats. They were scaring us with Bin Laden to distract us from the real threat, which is themselves. They were scaring us that oil reserves would run out as early as 2010 (the peak oil theory), and when it was no longer possible to hide the fact that oil production was still increasing, then they began to intensively promote the theory of global warming caused by the production of carbon dioxide. This theory was invented to justify imposing another taxes and lowering society’s standard of living. Most people cannot understand the complex mechanisms that control the climate, so they are easily fooled by politicians and lobbyists posing as scientists. Similarly, thousands of years ago, authorities used to scare people with solar eclipses. They said the sun would turn black if people did not obey them. Today’s people are a little smarter, so the swindle with eclipses no longer works, but the global warming works great. They are also scaring us with the coronavirus to justify taking away our civil liberties. To find out who is responsible for orchestrating the pandemic, just look at the name: coronavirus. In Latin, „corona” means a crown. So this is the Crown, who is responsible for the pandemic. I think they chose a virus with that name as the main character of the fake pandemic to discreetly sign their work. In the course of decades of brainwashing, the media have managed to deprive people of common sense and the will to fight for the social interest. They have created a whole system of false beliefs, which can be called the Matrix. Today, almost everything that people believe about current affairs, history, politics, health, and other things is a lie.

„We’ll know our disinformation program is a success when everything the American public believes, is false.” – William J. Casey, the director of the CIA.

They gradually introduced total surveillance of society. There are cameras on the streets that track our every move. We are also being spied on the internet, as evidenced by documents disclosed by Edward Snowden. As an employee of the CIA and NSA, he revealed the existence of the PRISM program, with which the intelligence agencies track all our activities in the major web services. Google, Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Skype send all our data to the intelligence agencies. The authorities have access to the content of our emails and all our conversations in social networks. They have access to photos, videos and other files sent by these websites or stored on internet drives. They know all the keywords we type into a search engine and know which websites we visit. Snowden also revealed that smartphones have built-in software that allows them to track a user’s location even when the phone is turned off.


When the public was so dumbed down that it could no longer defend itself, those in power began to kill and maim us in various ways. They poison food with herbicides, pesticides, and artificial food additives. In some countries they add toxic fluoride to tap water. Electromagnetic smog is constantly increasing, although many scientific studies confirm its harmfulness.

Airplanes spray chemicals (chemtrails) in the sky. I noticed that planes sometimes bend their route so that they can fly over a large city. They take a longer route and incur extra fuel costs just to spray chemicals over densely populated areas. From this, I conclude that chemical spraying is targeting people. Weather modification may be their additional goal.

Besides, the rulers are maiming children with vaccines. According to the CDC, more than 40% of American children and adolescents suffer from some kind of chronic disease, such as asthma, allergies, obesity, diabetes, or autism.(ref.) These children will never know what it means to be healthy, even though chronic diseases were rare in children until recently. I once thoroughly researched the issue of vaccines and I know that they contain active ingredients that cause allergies, cancer, infertility, and other diseases, that are not at all needed from a medical point of view. Therefore, I think that vaccines are intentionally designed to spread diseases. The same corporations that make the vaccines then make huge money from treating the vaccine-induced diseases. In addition, they introduced genetically modified crops that are resistant to glyphosate so that they can use this agent in large quantities. Glyphosate gets into food and causes infertility and other diseases. More and more people cannot have children, and this shows that the authorities are keen to reduce the human population.


Already in ancient times a view emerged that people with red hair were false or even that redheads had no soul. Such a view probably arose not without reason and was inspired by the false and soulless behavior of a certain nation or tribe among whom this hair color was common. They were called the rulers of foreign lands because they specialized in parasitizing on other nations. Their descendants have retained this propensity; they have also retained their ancient pagan cult. About four centuries ago, the members of the cult devised a nefarious plan to gain power over countries by inciting revolutions. They began by taking over England and turning that country into an empire, which they then used to gain power over the world. The members of the cult played a key role in the events of the last centuries. It was they who orchestrated all the great wars, revolutions and economic crises. It was they who set the pace of the Industrial Revolution and developed the principles of capitalism so as to enable themselves to seize power over the entire economy. They also created socialism, and when they no longer needed it in the USSR and Eastern Europe, they dismantled it themselves. In each country they took control over central banks, which allowed them to indebt the governments and make them dependent on themselves.

In all countries they fought against the influence of the Church, incited the people to overthrow monarchs, and introduced a system called democracy. For these purposes they made use of the Freemasons, most of whom probably sincerely believed that they were fighting for freedom and equality for all people. I think the Freemasons of the lower ranks did not realize that they were merely puppets in the venture to ensure absolute power for the members of the cult. The oligarchs introduced the so-called democracy because this system was most beneficial to them. They knew that manipulating the people was a very easy thing to do, and that they would always be able to convince them to vote for those politicians who are needed by the oligarchs. Thanks to modern media such as television and the internet, crowd control has become even easier. Over time, the masters of lie have built a world where everything appears to be different than it really is. They have built a world where enemies pose as saviors; where poisons are distributed as cures; where truth is called disinformation and disinformation is called truth; where every government action has really a different purpose than the politicians claim.

In fact, there has never been such a thing as democracy and the rule of the people, and I think democracy is not even possible. Most people do not have, and will never have, enough political knowledge to consciously decide the fate of the country. The system called democracy was designed from the beginning to give power to the oligarchs. The people were only given the semblance of having influence over anything. Thanks to this semblance, 8 thousand clever cult members, supported by a corrupt class of politicians – traitors to their nations – do whatever they please with 8 billion not very clever people, who readily obey their orders and do not have the courage to fight for their rights.

Just a hundred years ago, the British Empire encompassed nearly a quarter of the world’s land and a quarter of the world’s population, while through their agents they controlled many other countries as well. The empire never really collapsed; on the contrary, it took over the whole world. However, in order to prevent rebellions, they switched to a covert form of governance. They transferred their power to the USA, making it the greatest empire of the 20th century. Also thanks to their will and influence, China suddenly grew into a superpower in the 21st century. This country was designated as the new hegemon so that it could soon impose its totalitarian regime on the rest of the world. Behind each of these powers is still the same global power with London as its capital. Great Britain is still a monarchy, not only formally but also in real terms. The era of kings has never really been over, and society has never been given any real power. All humanity today lives either in countries ruled directly by monarchs or in countries conquered by them.

New World Order

We live in an era of incredible technological development. The third industrial revolution (the age of computers) is passing into the fourth (the age of artificial intelligence). New technologies are ready and just waiting for the right moment to be implemented. Artificial intelligence and robotics will change everything and replace the work of a large part of humanity. Far fewer people will be needed to produce the same amount of goods. The rulers intend to use the new technologies to create a world where they have total control over society. They want to create a veritable electronic concentration camp. Currently, the rulers already own almost everything. What they do not have yet are: small and medium businesses, land and farms, houses and apartments, and most importantly, they do not have our bodies yet. But their plan to take over everything is nearing its end point, which is the introduction of the New World Order. Under the new system, all these things are to become their property. They intend to implement this plan during a global cataclysm, because the collapse of the system will give them the opportunity to rebuild it in a new form. It will be a world similar to the one depicted in movies like: In Time, Elysium, or The Hunger Games. They will be demigods in this world. They will be able to do almost anything, and ordinary people will have the status of animals or objects. It is hard to expect that they will give up the opportunity to build such a world when they are already so close to the goal. The postulates of the New World Order include:

None of these things will be introduced by force. None of these will provoke public resistance. All these will be presented to society as a new fad or as a necessity. The main driver of social transformations will be the climate change, which will come after the reset. The authorities will blame people for it. They will say that we have to lower our standard of living to save the climate. People will have a hard time living, but they will be convinced that this is the way it has to be. If aliens exist, the inhabitants of Earth will become a laughing stock throughout the galaxy by giving up their planet and their humanity because of their own stupidity and passivity. And the worst part is that once the cult takes full control, no one will ever be able to overthrow it. The New World Order will last forever.

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