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Written from June 2021 to December 2022.

Most of us believe that we live on a peaceful planet, where only disasters on a local scale occur. However, history knows of cases of global catastrophes that annihilated a large part of the human population and led to a deep collapse of civilization.

One example is the medieval Black Death pandemic. In the 14th century, the plague killed half of Europe’s population, but also wreaked havoc on other continents. Entire families were dying together. There were not enough living to bury all the dead. For the chroniclers, the plague was devastation more final than Noah’s Flood. So many died that everyone believed it was the end of the world. Contemporary scientists and witnesses to these events pointed to the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, which had occurred a few years earlier, as the cause of the plague. They also pointed to the „corrupted air” released from the Earth’s interior during earthquakes, for cataclysms of this type were widespread and intense during the plague period. The witnesses of these events reported many unusual phenomena. For example, there are reports saying that in some places fire was falling from the sky and killing people.

Several centuries earlier - at the beginning of the Middle Ages - the first plague pandemic swept across all three continents of the Old World, inflicting similarly great losses on humanity. One chronicler wrote that the disease took the lives of a third of the world’s population. Animals also died out en masse. But the plague was not the only problem. According to the accounts in the chronicles, just before the epidemic, the sky was obscured by a huge amount of dust and gases, which could have come from the impact of a big asteroid. Eyewitnesses reported that for 18 months the sun gave forth its light without brightness. The climate disruption resulted in crop failures and famine in most of the world. People at the time were convinced that this was the apocalypse.

„The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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About 3,000 years ago, all the forces of nature seem to have colluded again to do the work of destruction. History recorded in tree rings testifies that there was a massive volcanic eruption or an asteroid impact at that time. There were also severe earthquakes, prolonged droughts, and possibly also a plague. All of this led to a complete collapse of the Bronze Age civilization. Famines and mass migrations set in, and the population declined drastically. Within 50 years, almost every major city in the eastern Mediterranean was destroyed. The world of organized state armies, kings, officials, and redistributive systems disappeared. It took the ancient civilization as long as three hundred years to recover from this collapse.

These are just a few of the global catastrophes that can be found in the pages of history. These examples show that every now and then the Earth is struck by massive cataclysms that reset civilization. It used to happen in the past, so it can happen again. Unfortunately, all signs of the earth and sky indicate that another such reset is about to happen. After careful research on this subject, I come to the conclusion that the end of the world (as we know it) will occur as early as in 2023! There are many indications that this is when a deadly pandemic will begin; there will be massive earthquakes, severe weather anomalies, long-term power outages caused by geomagnetic storms, and many other natural disasters. The rulers will try to hide this global cataclysm from us at all costs, in order to prevent panic and unrest, otherwise they may lose control over society. In order to cover up the natural disasters, governments will start a world war. I know this is a very serious and daring theory, but consider how serious evidence I must have, since I dared to publish such a theory.

„Civilization exists by geological consent,
subject to change without notice.”

Will Durant

The study is long and contains about 100,000 words, which is equivalent to a rather thick book. However, such a detailed presentation of the subject is necessary because of its great importance. Any mistake in assessing the situation can cost us dearly. We need to fully understand what is going to happen; for what reason it is happening; and what evidence there is that this will be so. We need to learn the previous resets thoroughly in order to be well prepared for the one that is coming. Be warned that the subject is mentally challenging to accept. I acquired this knowledge gradually, so I had time to get used to it, but you will learn everything at once. However, it is undoubtedly worth taking the risk and reading so that you can prepare yourself for what is about to happen. Take time to assimilate the knowledge. If you feel overwhelmed by the information, take a break to reflect. For those who generally do not believe that it is possible to predict future cataclysms, I encourage you to read this ebook, if only to learn about civilization resets that have occurred in the past and changed the course of history. I am convinced that neither the school nor the media told you about it. Already in the first chapter I present important evidence, and I think this will encourage you to read the whole thing. Those who are not able to read it all should at least read the most important chapters, that is the ones that are underlined.

Since I am disclosing classified information, this website may be blocked at any time. I recommend downloading it for offline reading. You can do it on one of the websites below.

  1. 52-year cycle of cataclysms

Before 2012, news spread about the end of the world allegedly predicted by the Mayans. An analysis of these rumors shows that they had no rational basis whatsoever. The ancient Americans never claimed that any cataclysm would occur that year. Instead, the Maya, Aztecs, and other Mesoamerican civilizations believed that cataclysms haunted the Earth every 52 years. Using historical data on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other cataclysms, I checked how much truth there is in this belief. It turns out that the Mayans were right! The greatest natural disasters do indeed occur with remarkable regularity! The reason for this phenomenon should be sought in the cosmos.

  1. 13th cycle of cataclysms

According to the Aztec legend engraved on the great stone – the Sun Stone, the history of the world is divided into five epochs. Each of the past epochs was to end with various great cataclysms, which were to strike humanity equally every 676 years, that is, every 13 periods of 52 years. The current era, which they believed to be the last era, is supposed to end with powerful earthquakes. Could there be an ancient secret truth behind the legend of catastrophes occurring evenly every 676 years? If that is the case, then we have a serious problem, because soon it will be 676 years since the greatest catastrophe in history – the Black Death plague, which began in 1347.

  1. Black Death

The plague epidemic of the 14th century killed about one-third of humanity. If the plague returned today, billions of people would die. Historians and scientists make no effort to explain where such a deadly bacterium suddenly came from. In this chapter, we take a peek into medieval chronicles to see what eyewitnesses to these grim events have to say. Their accounts will help us explain the mystery of the plague and the unprecedented calamities that accompanied it. And as it turns out, there were many of them at that time!

  1. Justinianic Plague

The first plague pandemic broke out during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. In this chapter we will take a closer look at the plague itself and the numerous disasters that occurred at the same time.

  1. Dating of Justinianic Plague

This worldwide pandemic occurred during the Dark Ages, that is in a time when the chronology of events is very uncertain. Determining the actual year of the Plague of Justinian is very difficult, but also necessary in order to determine whether there is a regularity in the occurrence of resets.

  1. Plagues of Cyprian and Athens

The 3rd century plague described by Bishop Cyprian spread throughout the Roman Empire and claimed millions of lives. Another very similar epidemic occurred in the 5th century BC and was described by the Greek historian Thucydides. It killed a large part of the population of Athens, but also reached many other places. Interestingly, the chroniclers’ accounts show that both plagues coincided with the occurrence of strong earthquakes.

  1. Late Bronze Age collapse

About 3,000 years ago, the Bronze Age ended and the Iron Age began. This transition was abrupt and painful for the societies of that time. As a result of various natural disasters occurring at that time, ancient civilization collapsed and entered a prolonged period of crisis. It seems that these catastrophic events inspired the biblical story of the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

  1. 676-year cycle of resets

Is there any celestial body or phenomenon in the cosmos that interacts with the earth at regular intervals and causes worldwide disasters? In this section, I will try to find the cause of these most severe disasters and check if there is any regularity in their occurrence.

  1. Abrupt climate changes

Geological surveys show that past resets were often followed by prolonged periods of coolness and drought. In this chapter, I will examine if there is any connection between global cataclysms and sudden climate changes.

  1. Early Bronze Age collapse

The Bronze Age was characterized by long periods of relative calm punctuated by powerful global cataclysms. About 4,200 years ago, the global climate suddenly collapsed. Mega-droughts occurred in some places, and torrential rains and floods in others. The climatic anomalies led to famines and the collapse of many kingdoms. There were also earthquakes and pestilence. All at the same time.

  1. Resets in prehistory

Cataclysms have accompanied humankind since the dawn of time, but the traces of the most ancient ones have already been largely erased by time. In this section, we will delve into the history of the last millennia to find the oldest resets and see if they occur cyclically.

  1. Summary

A summary of the information on the theory of cyclic resets, which will allow us to look at all the evidence and assess whether the threat is real.

  1. Pyramid of power

Our fate depends not only on the forces of nature, but also on the people who govern us. In this chapter, I explain to you who is actually in charge of the world, which will help you understand current political events.

  1. Rulers of foreign lands

In this chapter I describe how this mysterious group has come to great power step by step, and explain what their goals are for the near future. This knowledge will be useful to you in the groundbreaking events that lie ahead.

  1. War of classes

There is more going on in the world today than ever before. The media is flooding us with information about the pandemic and other events, but it is hard to tell how much truth there is in them. There is a deliberate disinformation campaign underway – outright psychological warfare aimed at preventing people from understanding what is really going on. Fortunately, knowledge of the impending catastrophes will help us to distinguish the truth from the lies.

  1. Reset in pop culture

Recently, subtle predictions of the great cataclysm have been popping up in music videos and movies. It is worth looking at them and considering what secret information the artists were trying to give us.

  1. Apocalypse 2023

The recent great eruption of the Hunga- Tonga volcano shows that the reset has already begun. I will try to guess how the coming cataclysm will unfold so you know what to expect.

  1. World infowar

The actions of governments so far indicate that they intend to hide this global cataclysm from the public. They are preparing a huge disinformation campaign so that people will not be able to find out the truth. It is very likely that they will trigger a world war as a distraction.

  1. What to do

Finally, I will tell you how to prepare for a global cataclysm to increase your chances of survival, and I will summarize the information about these groundbreaking events that are currently taking place.

  1. Red pill

„I imagine that right now you’re feeling a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole … Do you want to know what is the Matrix? … You take the blue pill – the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – quote from the movie Matrix. I suppose this ebook on the reset will inspire many of you to seek further knowledge. To help you do that, I have collected for you about 40 hours of videos on various topics that show the truth about the world we live in.

Those who have read the entire ebook should visit the forum. It has just started, but you can already express your opinion about the reset theory there and discuss with other people about everything related to this topic. In the forum you will soon be able to meet people from all over the world who are preparing for the reset. You can write there not only in English, but also in many other common languages. You can also enter the forum via Google Translate. If the main link does not work, click here: link.

Share the link to this page with others so that as many people as possible can prepare for what is to come.

Author’s note: My name is Marek Czapiewski /’mʌrek ʃʌ’pɪevskɪ/. I come from Poland. Since childhood I have been convinced that the most important thing in life is to find out the truth about the world, and to this goal I devote most of my time. What I have discovered, I would like to share with you. You can contact me by e-mail: click to view, or ask a question in the forum.

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