Reset 676

  1. 52-year cycle of cataclysms
  2. 13th cycle of cataclysms
  3. Black Death
  4. Justinianic Plague
  5. Dating of Justinianic Plague
  6. Plagues of Cyprian and Athens
  1. Late Bronze Age collapse
  2. 676-year cycle of resets
  3. Abrupt climate changes
  4. Early Bronze Age collapse
  5. Resets in prehistory
  6. Summary
  7. Pyramid of power
  1. Rulers of foreign lands
  2. War of classes
  3. Reset in pop culture
  4. Apocalypse 2023
  5. World infowar
  6. What to do

What to do

Before I give you advice on how to prepare for a reset, it is worth recalling how people have tried to cope in the past. Across history, people have tried various manners to prevent natural disasters. For example, the Aztecs offered human sacrifices to appease the gods. During one, several-day-long ceremony, they were able to cut out the hearts of even tens of thousands of prisoners of war. This method of averting a cataclysms, while very spectacular, had one major drawback – it did not work. The Aztecs cut out the hearts, and the disasters came anyway.

During the Black Death, people also showed a lot of creativity. They tried to chase the plague away by firing cannons, ringing bells, or shouting at the air. The alternative was to drive the bellowing cattle through a town.(ref.) And, of course, flagellation. Across Europe, processions of flagellants were passing far and wide, scourging their backs to blood while praying. People sincerely believed that God would see their sacrifice and revoke the epidemic. Unfortunately, God was looking down on the suffering of the people and did nothing to help them. This time he will not help us either.

Times are changing, but people still have plenty of ideas on how to cope with troubles. The followers of Qanon believe that we just have to trust in his mysterious plan and he will solve all problems for us. Others believe that the Pleiadians, who are aliens arriving from the future, are already flying near the Earth with their big spaceships, and just waiting to catch us just before the disaster and carry us safely to their planet. Other New Age adherents are convinced that it is best not to think about the catastrophe at all, in order to keep the vibrations of their astral body high. By doing so, they expect to move to another dimension where the difficulties will not reach them.

Regardless of whether you believe that Jesus, the Pleiadians, or perhaps Donald Trump will save us from destruction, before you believe anything, think carefully if it makes any sense. Disinformation agents deliberately spread such beliefs on the internet in order to mentally disarm people and keep them from doing anything that might actually help them at the time of the reset. Do not believe in this nonsense! Do not get yourself killed so easily!

Preparation for reset

During the reset, it will be most dangerous in seismic zones. It is impossible to predict where exactly the strongest earthquakes will occur, but if you live in an area where strong earthquakes occur, you may want to consider moving out. The coasts of the seas are additionally at risk of being inundated by tsunami waves. And in places where the greatest displacement of tectonic plates occurs, toxic gases may be released from the ground. These gases are heavier than air, so they will accumulate directly above the ground. Therefore, areas in seismic zones that lie in valleys or low above sea level (up to several dozen meters) are especially dangerous. If you smell toxic gases, run away to high places – to hills or tall buildings. If you live in an area at risk, and especially where pestiferous air has appeared in history, it is a good idea to equip yourself with a gas mask. Also keep in mind that the world during and after the reset can be a very dangerous place. In order to be able to defend yourself, it is worth equipping yourself with any weapon, if only some kind of edged weapon, but the stronger the better. These are the basic things that will increase your chances of survival.

Protection from the plague

By far the greatest threat is the plague epidemic. The most important thing is to avoid infection. Transmission of the plague disease to an other person is possible by: coughing or sneezing, bite of insects or other animals, and touching an infected person or a contaminated surface. The bacteria can enter the body through the mouth and nose or through small skin wounds. During the outbreak, it is best to stay indoors, limit going out to a minimum, and do not let anyone in. People who have taken the injection that lowers immunity will be especially easy to catch the infection and pass it on to others. These people should be especially careful with themselves, and other people should be careful when interacting with them. Pets that roam freely are more likely to come into contact with animals infected with the plague, catch fleas, and bring them home. Do not allow dogs and cats to roam freely during the plague. Keep fleas away from your pets by applying flea control products.

If you go outside during the outbreak, you should take appropriate precautions. Yersinia pestis is easily destroyed by sunlight, heating and drying. It does not survive long outside its host. According to the WHO, when released into air, the bacterium will be contagious for one hour at the most.(ref.) According to the CDC, plague is transmitted via large respiratory droplets that do not remain suspended in the air for long.(ref.) No evidence exists for airborne transmission of plague, as is the case with the measles virus, so precautions for airborne diseases are not required. Human-to-human transmission of plague requires contact within 6 feet (1.8 m) and has been most commonly reported among an infected patient’s caregivers or others living together. People having direct and close contact with all patients with plague should follow standard precautions such as hand hygiene. People having contact with someone with suspected or confirmed pneumonic plague should take precautions against respiratory droplet transmission, such as wearing tight-fitting disposable surgical masks. Because there is no evidence of airborne transmission of plague, particulate filtering facepiece respirators such as N95 respirators are not necessary when providing routine care for patients with pneumonic plague.

We see that the government agency CDC recommends less precautionary measures in the event of the plague disease than are required during the pandemic of minor COVID-19 cold disease. The government has gone to great lengths to make wearing the mask look insane, but do not succumb to this social engineering. In the event of a real epidemic, it is advisable that both sick people and those who come in contact with them wear masks. The masks should fit tightly over the face to prevent infectious droplets from getting into the nose. However, you should know that various dangerous contaminants, such as Morgellons, have been found on masks, so it is better not to buy masks from mass production. Besides, be careful not to bring bacteria into the house on your clothes. These are recommendations for the modern plague disease. These recommendations may or may not be sufficient for the plague disease during the reset, which could be more dangerous. It is always better to protect yourself too much than too little.

Despite the precautions, infection may not always be avoided. If you get sick, the plague can be successfully treated with antibiotics. It is not certain that the antibiotic will work against the strain of plague that occurs during the reset, but the chances are good. However, obtaining medications during the epidemic may not be easy. Stocks may not be sufficient for everyone. Besides, we can expect that the government will hinder access to medicines. During the coronavirus pandemic, we could see how furiously they were fighting and ridiculing potential COVID-19 drugs. This could have been just a rehearsal for what they will be doing during the plague.

To avoid a high risk of death in plague patients, antibiotics should be given as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of the onset of the first symptoms. The initial symptoms of the disease appear 1–7 days after infection and are indistinguishable from those of several other respiratory illnesses. These include fever, chills, headache, weakness, and in pneumonic plague rapidly developing pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain, cough, and sometimes bloody or watery sputum. It is worth recalling how the onset of the disease was described by chroniclers.

„First, out of the blue, a kind of chilly stiffness troubled their bodies. They felt a tingling sensation, as if they were being prickled by the points of arrows.” – Gabriele de’Mussis (the Black Death)

„And they were taken in the following manner. They had a sudden fever … of such a languid sort … that not one of those who had contracted the disease expected to die from it.” – Procopius (the Plague of Justinian)

„People in good health were all of a sudden attacked by violent heats in the head, and redness and inflammation in the eyes, the inward parts, such as the throat or tongue, becoming bloody and emitting an unnatural and fetid breath.” – Thucydides (the Plague of Athens)

As you can see, the first symptoms appear suddenly, but are very inconspicuous. It is important to recognize them quickly and take the antibiotic. Prophylactic antibiotic treatment for 7 days protects people who have had close contact with infected patients. Streptomycin, gentamicin, tetracyclines, and chloramphenicol are all effective against pneumonic plague. For detailed guidelines on the types and dosages of antibiotics used in the treatment of plague, see this article:

Antimicrobial Treatment and Prophylaxis of Plaguebackup

People who fall ill with the plague and recover, or those who protect themselves properly, can go out and look after the sick. Something as simple as giving water to the sick is enough for some of them to survive.


Large-scale starvation is a real threat. It is better to be prepared and stock up on food in advance. All dry grains and legumes are well suited for long storage: wheat, white rice, corn, beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, buckwheat, millet etc.; as well as their processed versions such as: pasta, flakes (e.g., oatmeal), and groats (e.g., barley). Basically any canned or jarred foods are suitable for long-term storage. Of the fats, the most resistant (and also the healthiest) are the saturated fats, that is, those that are in a solid state: lard, coconut oil, and clarified butter (ghee). If tightly sealed in a jar, they will keep for several years. Liquid oils, including olive oil, have a shelf life of at least one year, but can keep longer if stored under proper conditions (preferably in a glass container). The same is true for pastes made from oilseeds, such as peanut, sunflower or sesame butter. Dried fruits are also edible for a long time. Powdered milk and powdered eggs will not spoil for years. Stock up on those types of foods that you normally eat. Products such as seeds, canned foods and dried fruits usually have a best-before date of one year, but they are still edible after that time. If tightly sealed and stored under the right conditions, they can be eaten for at least a few years, although they may then be a little less palatable, tougher and a little less nutritious. White sugar can also be stored for a long time. Sugar basically never spoils, because it is so unhealthy that not even bacteria want to eat it.

A reset-related weather collapse could occur as early as 2023, causing crop failures and food shortages. For the next successful harvest we will most likely have to wait until 2026 or 2027, so we can expect the shortages period to last between 2 and 4 years. Maybe it will be shorter, and maybe even longer. It is impossible to predict exactly how much stock will be needed. It is a personal decision of each of you how much you will prepare yourself. In my opinion, it is better to be prepared for the worst case scenario. I think the absolute minimum is to have a few months worth of food and other necessities like hygiene items. When the plague will be raging in your city, then you probably will not want to go out shopping.

A good option is to stockpile at least as much food as you will need anyway, even if there are no shortages. There are many foods that can be stored for several months. For example, flour can be stored for 8 months under the right conditions. Calculate how much flour you use in those 8 months and buy exactly that amount. This way, you do not incur any additional costs, and you will ensure some level of security. Do the same with every product you eat. Check the expiration date of each of them and buy as much of it as you will need to buy in the near future anyway. Consume those supplies whose expiration dates are coming, and buy new ones to replace them. Manage in this way throughout the crisis to maintain your stocks full. By doing so, people who cook a lot at home can easily build up several months’ worth of supplies. This is an economical plan that costs basically nothing. Its weakness is that these supplies may not be sufficient in the event of a real famine.

You can opt for a safe plan, which means storing food for several years. Most seeds and canned foods are edible for several years if stored under the right conditions. However, building such large stocks comes with some difficulties. You need to have enough space to store it all. And if famine does not come, you will be left with the supplies. You will have to eat a little less fresh food as it will be past its best-before date, or you will have to find someone to buy your supplies before that date passes. Decide for yourself if this is a high price to pay for security. Entrepreneurial-minded people may consider a „business” plan, which is building up large stocks of food with intention to sell it to others. If there is a famine, food prices will increase significantly. In this case, you take on the risk, but you can make a lot of money and also help people who will be not prepared.

Make thoughtful, sensible stocks. When watching preppers vlogs, it’s easy to get obsessed with hoarding everything that might be useful, but that’s not the point here. You do not have to have everything. Focus on the essentials, that is the staple foods. Stock up on high-calorie foods (e.g., grains, fats) because they will help you survive in times of famine. Food shortages may only occur in a few years, so you must make an effort to store food in the right conditions. Store it in a cool, dry and dark place to extend its shelf life. It is also a good idea to pack them properly, preferably in a vacuum packaging. Protect your food from mold, vermin and rodents.

In addition to supplies for a famine, you should also have adequate supplies for a power outage or other severe disasters that may cause grocery stores to close and make it impossible to buy anything. Stock up on everything you will need during an electrical blackout. You need a supply of water for at least ten days. In addition, ten days’ supply of food that does not require electricity to prepare. Gas stations may be out of service, so a supply of fuel will be necessary if you want to move around. In the event of a power outage, card payment may not be possible, so it is better to have some cash with you. People who live in seismic areas and expect an earthquake should prepare themselves especially well. Vast areas will be destroyed at the same time, so no help will come. Even if the cataclysm does not affect you personally, it will break supply chains and stores will quickly run out of food. You will depend only on yourself and your supplies. Do not delay in stockpiling because when the authorities see that people are hoarding food, they may impose restrictions on food purchases. If you do not make it in time, you will have a serious problem.

Building communities

If you want to survive the reset, then first and foremost you need to start creating communities. It will be very difficult to survive on your own. Start by finding other aware people in your area to help each other during the reset. Go to the Reset 676 forum and find or create a thread for your locality to meet other people who are preparing for the global cataclysm.

If people who value freedom are to survive in the long run, building communities is our most important task. An unorganized mob does not stand a chance against the system. The only thing the authorities fear is that we might build prosperous communities, because only organized people can make a difference. Now they do what they want with us. They lie to us, humiliate us, censor us, rob us, poison us and kill us. And they will not stop doing that as long as we are disorganized. Assuming that there are some 2% of people in society who are aware of the situation and value freedom, then that is 160 million people worldwide. That is a population comparable to Russia, and Russia’s opinion is respected by everyone. If we are well organized, then they will reckon with us too. Only then will we be able to stand up to the authorities.

We do not need to have our own territory. This is not necessary. But we must have institutions that pursue our interests, just as the oligarchs have their own institutions – governments, corporations, foundations, etc., that work in their interests. The most important thing is to have access to true and not manipulated knowledge. These amateur services and video channels from which we get our knowledge try their best to provide us with information, but they lose to professional and well-funded disinformation. They only uncover those conspiracies that the authorities want to be uncovered. When these 160 million people organize, we will be able to create knowledge ourselves. We will no longer be dependent on what governments and media say. If there was such an institution that investigate conspiracy theories, it could have informed us years ago about the coming reset. We would have had much more time to prepare and a much better chance of survival. Can humanity really not afford to hire a few dozen intelligent people to separate truth from disinformation once and for all? Scientists working for the system will not tell us anything of value. Since historians, geologists and astrophysicists have not informed us about the most important thing – the existence of cyclical resets – how many other things are they hiding from us? We will not find out until we start doing serious scientific research ourselves.

Another thing is medicine. The more we get sick, the more they earn. That’s why they heal us so as not to cure us completely. During the pandemic, health care has turned into a serial killing industry. Hospital treatment instills more fear than the disease itself. But after all, we can have our own normal doctors. Most diseases can be cured even without the use of drugs or medical devices. All that is needed is to know how to eliminate the cause of the disease. 99% of people are born with the proper genes to live 80 years in full health. Diseases are rare in nature. We do not have to be sick. The basis of health is a healthy diet. We do not even have to produce food ourselves. It is enough to create an institution that examines the composition of products available in stores and announces which of them are suitable for consumption and which are poisoned (e.g. with glyphosate). Besides, we can have our own schools. Unless you prefer to send your children to a school where they learn nothing about the most important things, and they are raised to be obedient slaves. We should also arm ourselves as much as possible, and then they will stop threatening that they forcibly inject us with a medical preparation, that they themselves call poison. We can have all this and much more. Such a community, consisting only of reasonable and honest people, could develop and become rich very quickly. We could show the rest of society that a better life is possible. And if we do not establish independent communities, we will be thrown out of society anyway, and have to live in the wilderness like primitive people. Most will not be able to stand that. Some will commit suicide and others will break down, take the injection and submit to the system.

There is very little time left before the reset, so you must not delay your preparations. Time will decide your chances of survival. In this situation, it makes no sense to focus on professional work and saving money. The rulers are planning to deprive us of our savings anyway through inflation and manipulation of the financial markets. Time is now too valuable to waste on work. Work only as much as is necessary for survival, that is, for food and housing. In these uncertain times, it is very risky to make long-term investments such as attending college. It may never pay off. Do not waste your time because when the reset begins, you will regret every wasted moment you could have used to save yourself and others.

Try to minimize unproductive entertainment such as watching television, movies, TV series or sports competitions. Do not waste time hanging out on Youtube, Instagram, Netflix, Tiktok or Facebook. Limit listening to music, playing computer games, and watching pornography. Every day, humanity loses in this way billions of hours that could be used usefully. These things were not created for your own benefit, but to steal the most valuable thing you have, which is your time.

A turning point in history

Since the dawn of time, humans have faced cyclical resets that brought depopulation, collapses of empires, and great migrations. The most powerful resets ended an ongoing epoch and ushered in a new one. For example, the reset that occurred 5.1 thousand years ago and the associated drought led to the gathering of people near rivers, the rise of the first countries and the invention of writing, which started the Age of Antiquity. Another reset, that of 4.2 thousand years ago, triggered major climate changes that led to a profound collapse of civilization and marked the beginning of the current geological age (Meghalayan). The reset of 3.1 thousand years ago ended the Bronze Age and began the Iron Age. Another reset led to the fall of the Roman Empire and the end of the Age of Antiquity, which was followed by the Middle Ages. Later, the Black Death, wiping out a large part of humanity, contributed to a deep crisis and social changes, which after some time brought the Renaissance. We are now facing another reset that will certainly change the course of history. This will be one of the most intense resets that humanity has ever experienced. The current era is coming to an end and nothing can stop it. We are entering a new era that will be characterized by the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and neurotechnology.

Every technology serves people, and more specifically, it serves those people who control it. If these new technologies were in the hands of the public, they could provide universal prosperity like the world has never seen before. Unfortunately, the technologies are under the control of the ruling class, which has a very different plan for them. They want to use them to gain complete domination over us and create a fully controlled and impoverished society. Step by step, the Crown is implementing its centuries-old plan to conquer the world, and it seems that the new technologies will enable them to establish the ultimate, eternal slavery from which neither we nor future generations will be able to free themselves.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, that is an open war against humanity, the ruling class has been very successful. First, they have succeeded in administering lethal injections to billions of people, which until recently was considered an implausible conspiracy theory. Second, despite all the harm they do, they manage to maintain the support of the vast majority of society. Even such obvious information as the increase in the total number of deaths fails to convince the average person that something is wrong. According to some estimates, about 12 million people around the world have already died from injections. Many others have died from denial of treatment in hospitals under the guise of withholding beds for coronavirus patients. If people saw nothing suspicious in the deaths of a dozen million people, it is hard to expect them to be indignant when billions will be dying. The authorities already know that people will allow them to do anything. People will support those in power until they die.

The third great success of the authorities is that they manage to control the minds of the anti-system part of society. This group sees that something bad is happening, but they do not really understand what is coming. The authorities have succeeded in hiding that a global cataclysm is coming. Independent websites are flooded with false conspiracy theories that benefit those in power. It is sad to see how much they have messed up in the minds of this part of society. Those who have the potential to fight lose themselves in disinformation operations like Qanon, aliens or New Age. They do not understand who these ideas really serve. When it comes to the decisive clash, there simply will not be people who are able to fight effectively. Disinformation proves to be the most effective and destructive weapon. By means of lies, the rulers control people as they please. When the plague breaks out, some people will believe that it is radiation and others that it is a virus from the laboratory. No one will know how to defend themselves.

The introduction of the New World Order caused a part of society to wake up. Some have taken up the fight against the system and are working hard to win freedom, but unfortunately there are not many such people. We are not seeing the kind of general upheaval in society that we would expect in a game of such high stake. Public resistance is low and even below what the rulers expected. Even among those who are aware of the conspiracy, only a small percentage are actively fighting it. Much more could have been done in the two years of the pandemic; we should be better organized by now. There are many worthwhile initiatives emerging, but they can not gain momentum because few people want to get involved. People do not take the threat seriously enough. Maybe they think the coronavirus will end up like the swine flu outbreak- some people will die from the vaccines, some of our civil rights will be taken away, but somehow it will still be possible to live. Unfortunately, this time it is no longer a test, but a final showdown. If a large part of society does not take active action, we have no chance of being free. And if we will not live freely, it is very possible that we will not live at all.

Purpose of life

We found ourselves in a hopeless situation. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The situation is so difficult and strange that it seems unreal. One may wonder why fate has presented us with such a difficult challenge. It comes to my mind that maybe this game is not about winning at all. Perhaps, in order to see its true purpose, one needs to look at it from a broader perspective, that is, from a metaphysical level. It seems that we could not have found ourselves in such a unique situation by accident. Scientists claim that a human’s consciousness is just a product of his brain. This is a rather nonsensical claim, because the two are things of completely different nature. The brain is something material, while consciousness is immaterial. This is like claiming that a TV set, in addition to producing flashing images on the screen, could also produce a spectator who sits in front of it and experiences the spectacle. I am not convinced by this line of reasoning. According to Christianity and other religions, man came to Earth to prove by his deeds that he deserves to enter paradise. On the other hand, Hindus believe in reincarnation and claim that we are here to gain experience and perfect our souls. Recently, also the theory that this world is something like a computer simulation has become increasingly popular. I think it is not so difficult to imagine the existence of a civilization so advanced that it would be able to create a virtual world the size of the Earth. Therefore, I advise you not to stress yourself too much if you will fail to survive the apocalypse. After all, it’s just a game. Treat this time as an extremely exciting challenge.

One may wonder for what purpose we found ourselves in this world. For fun, probably not. This is definitely not heaven. The Earth is not hell either, for it is a beautiful planet. Only human beings are the problem. It seems more appropriate to compare this world to a prison or a zoo, but I do not know for what purpose anyone would punish us or keep us in a zoo. I have a better theory. In my opinion, the Earth is a giant inter-dimensional asylum for the insane! It is a place where defective souls end up who are not accepted elsewhere. That would explain why people behave the way they do. And this difficult situation may be given to us to teach us something or to test how we will behave. Such a picture of the world is not at all at odds with what the religions proclaim. This world and the present situation seem to have been created specifically so that we could prove ourselves. Whether this theory is correct, I do not know. But I think that since we already found ourselves in this not very pleasant, but at the same time very addictive, apocalyptic game, then we have to follow its scenario, that is, fight for survival and fight against the system. Let’s arrange this world so, that life for all people and animals on this planet becomes bearable, and maybe even enjoyable. Let’s just do what needs to be done, and if we live our lives well, chances are that we will be let out of this cosmic madhouse.

Time for a revolution

The reign of the Crown is probably the worst reign that has existed since the beginning of the world, but the rulers who were before were not good either. In the old days, just like today, common people were enslaved, some of them even quite officially. Heroes like Spartacus rebelled against slavery, unfortunately without success. It does not really matter if the world is ruled by Satanists or anyone else. Anyone in their place would be doing the same. Even in the Middle Ages when great power belonged to the Catholic Church, which is the opposite of the Satanists, things were not good at all. Aristocracy, nobility and clergy exploited the peasants who made up the majority of the population. The Church also waged wars (crusades). The only difference was that it was doing it not in the name of Satan, but in the name of Jesus. The Church also kept people in darkness, persecuted freethinkers, and was hiding the truth about cyclical resets. In the Middle Ages, heroes like Wat Tyler fought for the equalization of social classes. Unfortunately, they did not succeed at that time either, but we should continue their efforts. It is not the specific individuals in government that are the problem, because power corrupts everyone. The problem is the system that gives one group of people power over others. Therefore, we should fight the system by any means possible. We should strive to weaken the state and strengthen ourselves, the nation. We should establish our own independent communities that will defend our own interests. It is high time for humanity to grow up and stop naively believing that governments will selflessly care for us.

The discovery of the secret of cyclical resets is our great asset in the ongoing class war. This knowledge allows us to understand what is really going on. It turns out that the New World Order was hastily introduced so that the rulers could stay in power during the turbulent times of the reset. If they could, they would probably introduce tyranny slowly and gradually so as not to meet resistance. However, the situation forced them to implement a quick plan, which does not necessarily have a 100 percent chance of success. They have carried out a huge disinformation campaign to hide from us that a global cataclysm is coming. They have falsified everything that could be falsified to make it difficult for us to find out the truth. The hiding of the impending pestilence and cataclysms was a key issue for them to prevent us from preparing for it. They are doing everything to get as many people as possible to die. But I managed to break through this enormous amount of disinformation and uncover the truth. For the first time in history, ordinary people have access to secret knowledge. Now the government will no longer be able to deceive us. And this gives me a tiny bit of hope that their plan may not succeed.

We know that depopulation and total tyranny are approaching. There is nowhere to run, we must take up the fight. Right now comes a turning point in history when we have a chance to make a difference. Just now is it possible to make a revolution. A second such chance will never come again. But this can only succeed if a significant part of society makes an effort. We have very little time. Only a sudden social spurt can reverse the direction in which the world is heading. Everyone must do everything in their power to oppose the New World Order. I cannot promise you that your efforts will be enough to stop the tyranny, but you will at least have the feeling that you have done everything possible. If you do not act now, you will surely regret it later. If the NWO wins, you will regret that you did not try to stop it. And if the revolution comes, you will regret that you did not participate in this groundbreaking event. After the system changes, only those who are fighting now will mean something. And those who support the system, even if only through their passivity, will be considered worse than the people of the 1930s who supported Adolf Hitler. When children grow up, they will surely ask you what you were doing at the time when the tyranny was being introduced. What will be your answer then?

„Liberty Leading the People” by Eugène Delacroix
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Do not think that just reading anti-system news and being outraged will change anything. People who know what is going on but do not want to act are no different from those who do not even want to know. Just going to demonstrations will not change anything either. Do not be under the illusion that the rulers will back away from their centuries-old plan just because people are walking around town. That is not the way this world works. Do not rely on elections, either. „If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” The rulers have many ways to prevent independent politicians from coming to power. Elections exist only to give you illusory hopes to make you wait for change instead of making change yourself. Only concrete actions can make a difference. I have plenty of ideas about what can be done for the benefit of the community. Unfortunately, I can only implement one idea at a time. It is sad to see, that others remain not implemented. There are so many things that could be done and so many benefits could be obtained. There needs to be more people doing something meaningful. Everyone must be doing something. Think about what specific action you can do to oppose totalitarianism and just start doing it. Think of all those people who have selflessly done something for you. Think of those who have taken their time to bring you to the level of consciousness you are at now. I myself have spent over a year and a half of my life to provide you with the knowledge about the reset, and this is not my first community project. As a result, you do not have to search for this knowledge on your own and you save a lot of time. Now let each of you spend the same amount of time doing something for other people. You will see that working for others also gives more satisfaction because it allows you to act on a much larger scale.

In my opinion, the present situation, where the whole ruling class is against us, is fair in a sense, because we will get only what we will do for ourselves. All people in high offices follow the plan of the rulers. This plan suits them well and they are not going to give it up. Also, there will be no hero who is able to defeat the system on his own. In this situation, all excuses lose their meaning: that you are too poor; or that you do not want to sacrifice your successful career; that you have children to take care of; that you are too young to sacrifice your time; or too old and you do not care anymore. No one who has it easier is willing to help us. We will only get what we do for ourselves. Only when ordinary people show that they can put aside their personal affairs and fight for the world, only then will they have a chance to save themselves.

You can let your imagination run wild and think of how the course of the uprising might look like. I think this may start at grassroots, that is, at the level of cities and regions. The republics of Donetsk and Luhansk have shown that it is possible to refuse obedience to a criminal government. Perhaps, during the torment of the plague, there will be some heroes among local authorities for whom local patriotism will prevail over obedience to the government. Or perhaps it will be the local inhabitants who will take matters into their own hands and seize power. The cities and regions will revolt against the government and reject the policy of self-destruction. They will no longer want to watch their inhabitants die of the plague. They will drive out the doctors and take over the hospitals. After all, it was from their taxes that they were built. They will start treating the sick and thus they will be able to suppress the plague. Next, as the Egyptian provincial governor Ankhtifi did in the past, they will provide their people with food so that they do not have to eat their children. The local authorities will refuse the government to admit immigrants if food supplies are not even enough for the locals. By doing so, they will also do a favor to the immigrants, because they will be safer if they stay in their homelands during the reset. The insurgents will take over the local media and use it to inform people about what is really going on. Government disinformation will be exposed and suppressed. Then the local authorities will take over the schools and begin to determine the curriculum themselves. They will stop teaching children false history and other nonsense. Next they will refuse to pay taxes to the government. They will also refuse to bear the cost of inflation, that is, to pay a contribution to the global rulers. They will introduce their own independent currency, which no stranger will have the right to print themselves at will (I hope it will not be this highly suspect Bitcoin). Rebellious cities and regions will form their own military units. Many residents will eagerly take up arms to defend their city against pacification by government forces. During the reset, the government will have problems all over the country, so it will not be able to use large forces to suppress the uprising. However, people will have to find an effective method to defend themselves against attacks with neuro-weapons. The first rebellious regions will show others that it is possible to protect against the plague and mitigate the effects of natural disasters. Other regions will follow them. The rebellious regions will help each other and share experiences. Natural selection will work in favor of the insurgents. Although not too many people will rebel, it is the insurgents who will have a good chance of survival. Consequently, after the depopulation, the insurgents will already make up a significant portion of society. Finally, everyone will understand that we do not need the states and we can govern ourselves. The revolution may look like that, but will people have enough courage to fight for their lives? One thing is for sure: Humanity will get exactly what it deserves. If people show that they are capable of thinking for themselves and acting boldly, then no power will be able to tame them. And if humans keep the mentality of sheep, they will continue to be treated like sheep.

Sharing of information

The time of the pandemic has shown that people who disclose information unfavorable to the government usually live very short lives, sometimes only a few days from disclosure. Therefore, I did my best to describe the subject of the reset in detail and to give you all my knowledge about it. Now you know as much as I do and my role ends here. Now it is your job to not let this topic be silenced or manipulated. Pass this information on to whomever you can. Give others a chance to prepare for the reset as early as possible. If the authorities succeed in hiding the fact that the epidemic of plague is coming, about one in two people will die. But it is enough for people to learn about the threat so that they can protect themselves from the infection and survive. So we can roughly assume that out of two people who receive this information and deign to read it, one will save a life thanks to it. You also got a link to this text from someone. Repay and thank this person so that the energy expenditure will return to them and they will have the strength to spread this information further.

Do not limit yourself to posting a poorish post on Facebook. Facebook will censor it anyway and no one will see it. If you do spread information about the reset on censoring websites, avoid keywords such as „reset”, „676” and the like. Use link shorteners to avoid linking directly to a page related to the reset. This should help you bypass censorship a little. Make sure that this information also reaches people who do not use popular websites and those who do not use the internet at all. Take into account that the internet may be blocked, but this does not absolve you of your duty to warn others. If you are in good contact with someone who has a role in the system (e.g., policeman, public servant, councilman, soldier, doctor, clergyman, farmer), give them this information and take a moment to persuade them to read it. Talk about reset to the youth, because they are curious about the world and many of them will be eager to read this. Talk about the reset to kids whose parents do not feel like reading. Even if the children will not be able to use this knowledge now, when they grow up they will remember it and will not believe the government that it did not know about the upcoming reset. Create your own videos, articles, and memes to help spread this information.

Be aware that very few of those who receive this text will read it. I know from personal experience that most people are not capable of reading even a short article that goes beyond their understanding of the world. But they also need to be reached. Tell them that there will be a reset. They will not believe it now, but when it starts, then some of them will wonder how we knew this. They will be confused and their faith in the truthfulness of politicians will be shaken.

Tell them as much as they are capable to take in. Tell them that between 2023 and 2025 there will be a global cataclysm caused by the interaction of the magnetic field of the Sun and the planets. Tell them that there have been many resets in history: There was the Black Death, the Plague of Justinian, and many others. Tell them that there will be great earthquakes, multi-day power outages over large areas, plague pandemic, and weather anomalies. Tell them that these anomalies may lead to famines and related social unrest. Tell them that governments are trying to make a few billion people die because this will allow them to stay in power and profoundly remodel the world into one in which they have even greater control over society. The authorities did not warn us about the impending plague, and that alone shows that they want as many people as possible to die. Moreover, just before the epidemic, they gave people injections, which damage the immune system. Tell people that the reset will be presented as a nuclear world war. Also give them a link to a website where they can download this entire text. Now they will not want to read it, but when the reset begins, then some of them will be looking for information. Be understanding when you talk to others; try to put yourself in their mindset. If you force new knowledge on them too intensely, they will only automatically go into a defensive state and close their minds to any arguments.

And when you have a free moment, read the „Red Pill” part, which reveals a much broader picture of the truth about the world we live in. But these issues are not so urgent, so you can get to know them while you prepare for the reset.

Humanity is now in the deepest crisis since its inception, and it depends only on our actions whether we get out of it. The most important tasks now are to build independent communities and to inform as many people as possible about the impending danger. Only when a large part of society learns what is coming will there be a chance to stop the depopulation. And only then will it be possible to realize the great dream of a revolution that destroys the criminal system based on lies and make people stop being bred like sheep. And we will live the life we were created for – in order to guide our fate on our own, to expand our knowledge, to create beautiful things and to care for others. Good luck in the battle to all of you! And to those of you who will survive, I also wish you a happy new era! Cheers! Marek Czapiewski.

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