Reset 676

  1. 52-year cycle of cataclysms
  2. 13th cycle of cataclysms
  3. Black Death
  4. Justinianic Plague
  5. Dating of Justinianic Plague
  6. Plagues of Cyprian and Athens
  1. Late Bronze Age collapse
  2. 676-year cycle of resets
  3. Abrupt climate changes
  4. Early Bronze Age collapse
  5. Resets in prehistory
  6. Summary
  7. Pyramid of power
  1. Rulers of foreign lands
  2. War of classes
  3. Reset in pop culture
  4. Apocalypse 2023
  5. World infowar
  6. What to do

World infowar

During the reset, in addition to natural disasters and a pestilence, we will also have to deal with an information war, which promises to be even more intense than the one from the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Governments are determined to use whatever means to prevent people from finding out what is really happening so that they are not able to protect themselves effectively. The state will censor all information that can be censored. The media will remain silent about disasters that can be silenced. And for the disasters that cannot be hidden, they will be underestimating the numbers of victims and the extent of destruction. They will mislead people about the real causes of these disasters. They will be creating placeholder issues to distract us from the cataclysms.

There will not be just one version of disinformation, but there will be many. The internet has proven to be a wonderful tool of manipulation for the authorities, as it allows them to target different information to different groups of people and set them against each other. In the days when television ruled, this was much more difficult. When the reset begins, there will be different versions of disinformation for people who follow the mainstream media and for supporters of conspiracy theories. For everyone, they have prepared such a version in which they will most willingly believe. It was the same during the coronavirus pandemic. Those who distrusted the mainstream media’s account faced the trap of the theory that the coronavirus had leaked from a bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan. Someone who believed in the virus from the lab was still afraid of getting sick, perhaps even more so. This fear might have caused them to take the injection, and so the main goal of the rulers was achieved. Only someone who dug deeper could get to the bottom of the truth and discover that there was no new virus at all.

The disinformation during the reset has two main purposes. First, it is to prevent people from learning that what is killing them is the plague disease. They are supposed to think that they are dying for any other reason. If they found out it was the plague disease, they would be able to protect themselves against it by either avoiding the infection or by taking treatment. And that could make the depopulation plan less effective. Second, people are supposed to believe that all disasters have different causes. If they found out that they were all interrelated and had a common cause, they would start digging into the subject and discover that the reset is a cyclical phenomenon. Consequently, they would realize that the authorities knew about the coming plague, but instead of preparing us for it, they decided to murder us. People might not like that! Therefore, during the reset, the government will conduct such a psychological operation for us, at which the coronavirus pandemic will turn out to be only a meager introduction. And people, of course, will gladly believe everything. There seems to be no such thing that they will not believe. One can only feel sorry for those who sleep through such unusual events. People these days are so stupefied by propaganda that they will not even notice the apocalypse!

In both mainstream and alternative media we can now see a whole lot of predictive programming related to the upcoming reset. This type of disinformation is aimed at preparing people to easily accept the government’s version of events. However, we who know what is actually going to happen can read from this disinformation, as from an open book, what the government’s version will be during the reset. In this chapter, I will try to guess the government’s plan of action for the time of the global cataclysm. However, you should keep in mind that disclosing of this plan may prompt the authorities to modify it. You may remember how it was with the coronavirus when information surfaced in late 2020 that the authorities were going to come up with a new variant of the coronavirus – COVID-21. At that time, most people still believed in a quick end to the pandemic and did not allow themselves to think that there would be any new variant at all. COVID-21 did not appear, but the Delta variant did, followed by several others. The rulers changed the name of the variant, but they achieved their goals as planned. However, I think that even if they change their plan this time, with the knowledge you already have about the reset and the methods of disinformation, you will be able to see through the conspiracy.

NATO vs. Russia war

War gives the authorities almost unlimited opportunities to conduct disinformation and carry out other activities that would not be possible in peacetime. Therefore, it is easy to predict that some big war must break out before the reset. Or at least one that looks big. This is coming true in the form of the war in Ukraine. Although there have always been wars somewhere in the world, it is this war that has the potential to last a long time and expand into a world war. And it is exactly a world war, what the ruling class needs to cover up a global cataclysm. One side of the conflict will be NATO, and the other side will be Russia, probably backed by China. This war will be conducted in such a way that the East will be victorious.

Ukrainian soldiers with flags of NATO and Nazism

Ukraine is a country ruled by oligarchs who have accomplished an extraordinary feat. They have plundered their nation to the point that its standard of living has fallen to the level of African countries! The war in Ukraine began in 2014 when protests orchestrated by secret services from NATO countries and supported by commandos from these countries forced the legally incumbent President Viktor Yanukovych to resign. The Donetsk and Luhansk republics refused to acknowledge the new, undemocratic government and declared independence. Since then, the Ukrainian army has regularly fired on its compatriots from the Donbass, killing civilians to intimidate them. They believe that with terror they will convince the insurgents to accept the authority of the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian soldiers openly show adherence to the Nazi ideology. This alone would be criminalized in many countries. To spread fear and terror, they post footage on the internet, in which they nail Russian soldiers to a cross (like Jesus) and then set the victim on fire.(ref.) NATO countries secretly support the Ukrainian government by sending weapons and military personnel. In turn, the Donbass republics have received overt support from Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a regular at meetings of the World Economic Forum in Davos since the early 1990s, and is an honorary citizen of the City of London. Yet he has long presented himself as an adversary to the global rulers and the New World Order. Admittedly, he was doing quite well; I almost fell for it. However, when the crucial moment for introducing the NWO plan came, that is, when the coronavirus pandemic has been instituted, Putin immediately put on a COVID-maniac outfit to make people fear the virus. At this crucial moment, Russia fully supported the policies of the global rulers, instituting the same pandemic repressions as the rest of the world, and administering the same suspicious injections to its citizens. Russia is an enemy of humanity, just like Ukraine and NATO.

In any war of aggression, the aggressor first tries to destroy communications. Russia does not do that, even though it could. Ukrainians are in contact, they are recording videos, uploading them to the internet, and television is still working. It looks like this war is not about military objectives at all, but about making a spectacle. According to anonymous sources, the Ukrainian government employs over 150 foreign public relations companies to help wage the information warfare.(ref.)

The consequence of the war is the mass displacement of millions of Ukrainians. They are forced to abandon their homes and give up their jobs. They were told that the war would end soon and they were leaving only for a while, but in fact most of them will never return to their homeland. Losses are also suffered by the EU and Russia, which have to support the displaced people. However, the global rulers are gaining, because mass migrations of peoples are one of the goals on the way to establishing the New World Order. Only for them this war pays off. There is also a theory that Khazaria is to be resurrected in the Ukrainian territories, and that the depopulation of these areas is to make room for newcomers. The war and sanctions are weakening Russia and the EU economically. We know that the global rulers are trying to bring about an economic crisis in order to implement their plan of the Great Reset. So the global rulers are gaining again. The war is also an excuse to tighten censorship. In some countries, independent websites are being shut down under the pretext of countering Russian disinformation. Moreover, due to the war, grain exports from Ukraine and Russia have been halted. This concerns the amount of grain that could feed 250 million people. These supplies have then been diverted to China, which is hoarding food in great quantities. This is also to the benefit of the global rulers. Just look at who is benefiting from this war and it immediately becomes clear who is responsible for it.

Gutle Schnaper, the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, once said, „If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” The quote is from two hundred years ago, but it is still relevant. The same oligarch families, that had enormous power then, have even more power now. And if they had not wanted the war in Ukraine, it would not have happened. Let’s not be fooled into believing that this is a real NATO war against Russia. This is what they want us to believe. In fact, it is a war in which the ruling class of the NATO countries together with Russia are fighting against the class of subjects of the whole world, that is, against us. And while there may be a competition between the superpowers, it is a competition only about which of them will take a greater share of power over humanity. Do not delude yourself that this rivalry will lead to any concessions to society. In the class war, all the superpowers work hand in hand.

Disinformation about disasters

Of all the purposes of war, the most important is disinformation. War helps to cover up all the effects of a global cataclysm. It can already be seen that the mainstream media are programming people to consider future food shortages as being a result of the war in Ukraine. On the other hand, the independent media are reporting on arsons in food processing plants. Although fires in one hundred factories cannot lead to large-scale food shortages, some people will be fooled into believing that a conspiracy is the main cause of the food crisis, rather than natural factors. Authorities are trying to hide the true cause of the shortages from citizens, so that they will not be able to determine how long the shortages will last. The media will delude people that food supplies will resume quickly, and people will believe this. This is to keep them from stockpiling because that could ensure their food security.

Strong geomagnetic storms will cause power outages, which politicians are trying to explain in advance by an energy crisis. The war will make this artificially created crisis even more credible as a cause of an electrical blackout. However, not all people will be willing to believe such an excuse. Therefore, another version is already being prepared – cyberattacks on power plants. WEF Chief Klaus Schwab recently warned of a global cyberattack that would lead to a complete shutdown of electricity, transportation and hospitals. In my opinion, this is again nothing more than mind programming. The idea is for people to overlook the fact that the cause of the power outage is geomagnetic storms. Yet another version will be believed by followers of Qanon. For them, the electrical blackout will be the ten days of darkness announced by Qanon, which are needed by Donald Trump’s people to arrest the Satanists.

For the cyberattacks, hackers from Russia will be blamed. The Russians, in turn, will blame someone from the West. The Anonymous group is already launching cyberattacks against Russia. Such actions serves the global rulers perfectly. The cyberattacks will give the authorities an excuse to strengthen internet censorship. In the document titled „Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” from 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation outlines scenarios for dealing with a global pandemic. The objectives of the „Lock step” scenario were largely implemented during the coronavirus pandemic. Its next step assumes that: „Driven by protectionism and national security concerns, nations create their own independent, regionally defined IT networks, mimicking China’s firewalls. Governments have varying degrees of success in policing internet traffic, but these efforts nevertheless fracture the World Wide Web.”(ref.) If this plan is implemented, people will be cut off from information from other countries. They will not know that earthquakes and other natural disasters are happening all over the world. The media will tell people that these are only local disasters. In this way, it will be much easier to hide the extent of the disasters.

Disasters that cannot be hidden will be explained by military actions. For example, if there is pestiferous air somewhere, the media will say that this is a chemical weapon attack. Without war, it would be impossible to hide something like that.

People will not even find out about falling small meteorites, because the media will not talk about them or will portray them as falling debris of a space rocket or satellite. But the falls of large meteorites cannot be hidden. The media will say that they are attacks with missile weapons. And if the meteorite is really big, then they will say that it is an atomic bomb explosion. Most people will fall for this, but the more intelligent ones will be asking the question: Why are these „bombs” falling in places that have no strategic significance? Then they will start searching and find warnings about comets and meteor showers in movies, music videos, and discrete statements by politicians. They will discover what they already knew – that these are meteorite falls, but they still will not know the real reason why these meteorites are falling.

If we see the earthquake-ravaged cities in the media at all, they will be portrayed to us as having been hit by carpet bombings. Most people will believe this explanation, but conspiracy theorists will not accept it. They will settle for the explanation that the earthquakes are caused by attacks with the HAARP electromagnetic weapon. And tsunamis will be considered by them to be the result of the underwater explosion of an atomic bomb. Others, meanwhile, will try to explain the numerous earthquakes by high solar activity and geomagnetic storms. And Qanon will say that the earthquakes are the result of the detonation of underground bases of Satanists by Trump’s people.

The authorities have known for a long time that there will be sudden climate changes during the reset. That is why the media have long been intensively programming people with the one and only explanation for this phenomenon. Of course, the anomalies will be portrayed as the result of global warming caused by the excessive production of carbon dioxide. Recently, we can see attempts to rename global warming into climate changes. The goal is that regardless of there is a warming or a cooling, it could be blamed on human activity. Such an explanation of the causes of the anomalies will give the authorities a pretext to introduce an ecological tyranny in which each individual person will be controlled how much carbon dioxide they produce. However, conspiracy theorists will not believe in global warming. They will believe that the weather anomalies are caused by the HAARP weapon attack. You can explain almost anything that way.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the topic of radiation has been present in the media. Vladimir Putin has put Russian nuclear forces in a state of heightened combat readiness and hints in his statements that he will use them against NATO countries. The media are stoking tensions by adding that Russia may bomb nuclear power plants in Ukraine, with a similarly disastrous effect. Some countries are already distributing iodine tablets to citizens to protect against certain radiation effects. The theme of radiation has recently often appeared in music and movies. There are also rumors that Nostradamus and other clairvoyants have allegedly predicted a nuclear war. There was also an article some time ago in which a certain Freemason allegedly revealed the secret plan of the global rulers. According to him, the plan for the coming years is to trigger a global nuclear war, in which half of humanity is to be killed. A similar future is outlined by Jacques Attali, an advisor to French presidents, a very opinion-forming man who often accurately predicted the future (he is probably privy to the plans of those in power). At the end of his recent speech on the future, he interjected an ominous phrase: „After the war in which we kill maybe one or two billion out of nine billion, which is huge but not destroy the mankind, we’ll love something like the New World Order and the global government.”(ref.)

Let’s think for a moment. If they really want to kill billions of people with nuclear war, why do they admit it? After all, they never tell the truth. In my opinion, they tell us all these things because they want us to expect a nuclear war. Once again, this is a predictive programming. They hope that when the plague starts and people will be dying en masse, we will all believe that we are dying from radiation! They are even ready to take the blame lest people find out that it is the plague that is killing them. During the plague, they will probably make a media mystification that Russia dropped a nuclear bomb or bombed a power plant. The media will tell us that radioactive dust is falling on the ground and that is why people are getting sick and dying. The public is supposed to think that radiation is the cause!

Radiation burns are manifested by smaller or larger red spots (as shown in the picture), which lay people may mistake for symptoms of the plague disease. Someone who is familiar with diseases will have no trouble distinguishing between the two diseases. If only because the plague disease kills much more quickly, within a few days. The symptoms and course of radiation sickness depend on the amount of radiation dose received, but even with lethal doses, death usually occurs only after a few weeks.(ref.) Besides, a characteristic symptom of radiation sickness is hair loss, which is not the case with plague disease. Despite these differences, the media program people to expect radiation sickness. As the coronavirus pandemic has shown, most people are easily hypnotized by the media, and no rational argument can change their beliefs. They will blindly believe the media, and they will definitely be fooled into thinking that this is radiation sickness. Doctors will not tell people the truth either. During the coronavirus pandemic, most doctors were unable to see obvious evidence that the pandemic was a hoax, and the few who did see this usually preferred to remain silent for fear of losing their jobs. This time it will be the same.

The rulers have concocted a truly satanic plan. Presenting the plague as a radiation sickness gives them plenty of advantages:
1. People will not be able to discover that the epidemic has a natural cause. Thus, they will not discover that this is a cyclical reset and that the authorities were prepared for it.
2. Since people will be convinced that they are suffering from radiation sickness, they will not even try to find a cure, because there is no cure for radiation sickness. For this reason, more people will die out.
3. People will remain unaware that they are dealing with a contagious disease. Therefore, they will not be avoiding contact with the sick, as was the practice in the past. The Black Death killed half of the European population. The other half survived because they fled the city in panic or locked themselves in their homes, thus avoiding infection. Now people will carelessly take care of the sick and get infected from them. Mortality rate will be horribly high! After taking into account the fact that this time the media will deliberately mislead people about the nature of the disease, I estimate that not 3, but 4 billion people will die from the plague. So, only because of the plague, outside of China, depopulation may reach a level of about 60%. To this should be added an unspecified number of victims of famine, injections, and natural disasters.
4. Politicians will be able to scare entire nations that the area they live in is contaminated with radiation and that they have to flee. In this way, they will be able to persuade millions of people to leave their country and move elsewhere. They will be able to do whatever they wish with entire nations. In this way, they can easily achieve their goal of population replacement in certain parts of the world. The fear of radiation will also enable the authorities to mass administer iodine tablets to the frightened population, which may contain some harmful substances.
5. Next, when in a few years the cancers caused by the injections start to appear, the authorities will have an excuse ready that this is a result of the radiation.

Since the beginning of the war, Western media have been presenting a one-sided, anti-Russian version of events. Any opinions presenting the Russian view are ruthlessly censored. The only thing we can learn from the media about the cause of the war is that „Putin has gone mad”. This type of reporting aims to stir up public hatred towards Putin and at the same time creating a scapegoat. When people start dying, it will be easy to accuse Putin of having carried out a nuclear attack. People bemused by hatred will not be able to think soberly and will easily accept the media’s version. In this way, people will not blame their own governments for the depopulation, but someone from abroad. Politicians will escape vengeance for what they have done. People will be dying, cursing Putin for dropping the atomic bomb. And Putin will sit safely in the Kremlin and laugh at them, saying: „What losers! I didn’t drop any bomb. You don’t know the history and believe everything the media tells you – because of your own stupidity you are dying!” But it is not the worst thing, that Putin will consider people to be losers. The worst thing is that he will be right!

People in general are very afraid of the radiation that can be emitted from a nuclear bomb or a disaster at a nuclear power plant. This fear does not seem to come from common sense, but rather has been created by the media. Take, for example, the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine in 1986. Its effects have been greatly exaggerated. Within three months of the disaster, 31 people died as a result of radiation.(ref.) That is, not at all as many as you might think. In addition, a cloud of radioactive dust that passed over Europe caused a long-term increase in cancer cases, but it was a very small increase. It is estimated that over the next few decades, about 5,000 people across Europe developed cancer due to the disaster, an increase of 0.01%, which is within the statistical error. The Chernobyl zone is admittedly closed, people are not allowed to live there, but the reasons for this are pure propaganda. It’s about creating the belief that radiation is so very dangerous. Wild animals live in this zone and they are fine. Someone obviously wants people to be afraid of the radiation. And it is this fear that is much more dangerous than the radiation itself. Because of the psychosis created by the media after the Chernobyl disaster and the fear that children would be born with genetic defects, women around the world have had 150,000 abortions. As it turned out later – completely unnecessarily, because the incidence of defects in children did not increase at all. It is also worth noting that after the disaster of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, not a single person died from radiation. The ultimate argument for the low harmfulness of radiation was made by Galen Winsor, a renowned nuclear physicist who was involved in the design of nuclear power plants. He ate radioactive material on a vision at a dose considered lethal. He carried out a similar experiment at each of his lectures for years without suffering any harm to his health.(ref.)


Not everyone will believe that radiation is the cause of the disease. The more intelligent ones will recognize that the disease spreads from person to person. For them, the authorities are preparing a higher level of disinformation. There will be theories that the epidemic is caused by a prehistoric virus that has emerged from the permafrost. They will say that because of global warming, the permafrost has melted and a dangerous virus that had been frozen since time immemorial has been revived. Right now articles are appearing on the internet that are preparing people for such disinformation. At the time of the plague, there will be significant weather anomalies, and this will convince many people that the weather is the cause of the epidemic. Knowing that the disease is contagious, people will avoid contact with the sick, thus reducing the risk of infection. But this fact they have already discovered themselves. Still, they will not know what kind of pathogen it is. They will try to treat a viral disease, and this will fail. This is how disinformation works – they tell us something we already know to gain our trust, and add lies to it, to prevent us from acting effectively.

Proponents of conspiracy theories will not believe in the theory of global warming. For them, there is a theory prepared that they are willing to believe – that the virus came from a bioweapons laboratory in Ukraine. Independent media have been writing a lot about these alleged laboratories lately. They believe they are exposing a conspiracy, and I think they are unwittingly spreading disinformation. The authorities manipulate the conspiracy theorists as they please. When the epidemic breaks out, people will find these news stories and be convinced that the epidemic is caused by a virus from the laboratory. Some will believe that it was accidentally released through warfare, while others will think it was released on purpose. Bill Gates is fueling theories about a deliberate release of the virus with his statements. He recently stated that we should prepare for the next, much more deadly pandemic, caused by a terrorist attack using biological weapons.(ref.) Bill Gates suggests that it will be a modified smallpox virus. When the plague begins, the conspiracy theorists will wonder how Bill Gates could have known so well what was going to happen. They will conclude that he was the one who released the smallpox virus from the lab to depopulate the world. And so they will fall into a trap. Being convinced that the virus came from the lab, they will not look for the natural cause of the plague, and will not be able to discover that this is a cyclical reset. At worst, there will be an investigation into the labs in Ukraine, and it will surely show that there are no labs and never were. Think about it: If such labs existed in reality, we would never know about them.

Shortly after Gates made his comment, the NTI organization simulated a global monkeypox pandemic.(ref., ref.) The fictional scenario assumed that the disease would break out on May 15, 2022. As it later turned out, just two days before the date provided for in the scenario, the media reported news of the appearance of monkeypox in Spain. Supporters of conspiracy theories then reminded ourselves the „Event 201”, that is, a simulation of the coronavirus pandemic carried out in 2019, which shortly thereafter turned out to be a harbinger of real events. Based on this analogy, conspiracy theorists have come to believe that we are about to be threatened by the monkeypox epidemic. According to the WHO, complications of monkeypox can include pneumonia, blood poisoning, inflammation of the brain, and infection of the eyes with ensuing loss of vision.(ref.) These symptoms completely overlap with those of the plague! However, in the case of monkeypox, they are rare. But since it is supposed to be a modified virus, the frequent occurrence of these symptoms and the high mortality rate will also be possible to explain.

Now it becomes clear what purpose the „Event 201” had. Thanks to it, the followers of conspiracy theories were fooled into thinking that for some reason the rulers always reveal the truth about their next actions. Now they are staring at people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab as if they were oracles, trying to find out the truth from their words. When the plague breaks out, they will immediately think that it is the monkeypox and will not even look for a cure for the plague disease. They will be dying and cursing Bill Gates for releasing the virus. He, meanwhile, will be sitting safely in his mansion and laughing: „What losers! I didn’t release any virus. You don’t know the history and believe in nonsensical conspiracy theories – because of your own stupidity you are dying!” And he will be right.

Other threats

Both mainstream media and conspiracy theories have been paying attention to zombies lately. This topic has been appearing frequently on television and in movies. In the past, movies about zombies were horror movies. Nowadays, you can see that zombies are often portrayed in a comedic way as in the TV series „The Bite”.(ref.) The public is thus being conditioned to see the zombie apocalypse as something funny. I think that when the plague starts, the authorities may release some fake footage showing that zombies have appeared somewhere in the world. I do not think they will really release a virus that turns people into zombies. I think they are hoping that when so many people will be dying from the plague disease, some truth seekers will believe that this is a zombie apocalypse. The rest of the people, on the other hand, are supposed to laugh at them, just as they now laugh mindlessly at flat-earthers. The false conspiracy theory of a flat earth is primarily aimed at people who do not believe in it and ridicule it. The goal is is to make people distrust conspiracy theories so that they will not want to listen to them when they will warn about the plague and other dangers.

During the reset, the media may pick up controversial issues to provoke protests and riots. It seems to me that the Black Lives Matter riots that broke out in many countries in 2020 may have been just a rehearsal for what they are preparing for the reset. In this way, the authorities will want to redirect the public’s anger to issues of little importance to prevent uncontrolled protests that could threaten the government.

If the war intensifies, some countries could see mass military drafts. Of course, as usual, they will say it is only for a week or two. But the stay will be constantly extended. Men will be confined to barracks so that they cannot defend themselves and their families. Beware of this and do not join the army under any circumstances!

Another danger is that people will be behaving aggressively during the reset. Recall what they were doing during the Black Death. They were persecuting and murdering all those who were somehow different, whom they blamed for spreading the plague, that is beggars, foreigners or people with skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis). They were murdering the Jews, even though the pope had strongly condemned it. Human nature has not changed since then. Even now, people who oppose the fake pandemic face aggression, because the government foments such sentiments. And when the plague breaks out and people start dying en masse, then the all-out battle will begin. This time, the pope will not stand up for the persecuted. On the contrary, (Anti)Pope Francis himself is introducing sanitary segregation in the Vatican and fueling divisions with his statements. In this situation, it is enough for the authorities to name the anti-systemists as the culprits of the plague, accusing them of spreading viruses. Or they will say that the anti-systemists support Putin. Indeed, supporters of Trump and Qanon see Putin as the one who fights against the Satanists. Qanon is deliberately framing people into supporting the Russian president. Soon Putin may become public enemy number one as the one who caused a nuclear world war. Then all those who support him will be regarded by society as worse than the Nazis. The public will believe that all crimes against Qanon supporters are justified. The Milgram experiment proved that many people have no qualms about harming others if they get an order to do so from people with high authority.(ref.) When the authorities give them a command, they will start murdering, feeling no remorse. This is exactly what the current campaign against „anti-vaccines” is for. The idea is to arm a bomb that will explode on its own during the reset. The authorities have thought it out well. They will set society against the few who are fighting for freedom for themselves and others. They are going to get rid of political opponents with someone else’s hands. The few who survive will be expelled from the cities and will have to live somewhere in the outlands, as envisioned in the popular article entitled „Welcome to 2030...”,(ref.) published on the World Economic Forum website.

The big unknown is what will happen to the people who took the injection. We know that the injections contain graphene, but we do not know what it is used for. It is very suspicious that administering the injections coincided with the mass installation of 5G transmitters and Starlink satellites. The topics of graphene and 5G are fiercely censored, and the people involved in them die under suspicious circumstances. We have to take into account the possibility that during the reset, the authorities will want to use these technologies to control people’s minds and behavior. Mind control technology is already very advanced and allows them to remotely manipulate thoughts and emotions (information on this can be found here: link). The 5G network facilitates this task, but these technologies also work with 2G networks and higher. Perhaps governments will want to launch attacks causing a feeling of discouragement in victims so that they do not feel like rebelling. It may also be disorientation to prevent them from acting effectively. It may also be aggression. Combined with the propaganda campaign from the media, outbursts of aggression among victims of an attack can prove very dangerous for other people.

The sudden population decline during the Black Death greatly affected the prices of goods and services. Housing prices fell significantly, while workers’ wages and prices for services rose. This time it may be similar. There will be high inflation, so savings will diminish quickly. The reset will certainly lead to significant volatility in the financial markets. In theory, according to the rules of economics, stock prices should fall during a crisis. However, the coronavirus pandemic has shown that this does not have to be the case. During the pandemic, central banks began to print money without restraint, leading to inflation. This money flowed into the stock market, driving up stock prices and increasing the fortunes of oligarchs. See how much their wealth has increased since the pandemic began. The world’s 10 richest men more than doubled their fortunes from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion in the first 2 years of the pandemic that has seen the incomes of 99% of humanity fall and pushed over 160 million people into poverty.(ref.) Elon Musk alone has enriched himself by about $200 billion. To have that much, the average person would have to save all of their income for several tens of millions of years, that is since the time when dinosaurs walked the earth. They have robbed society of huge money, and society has somehow not been outraged by this. They already know that they can do anything with us. I think this great robbery was just a prelude to a great financial reset. The authorities freely manipulate the stock market, so it is impossible to predict whether there will be increases or decreases during the reset. They will make it so that we lose and they earn. The authorities will use any means to make trillions during the reset and deprive the public of stocks and money. They will make another trillions treating cancer after injections. They have planned this well. People who survive the plague will get cancer and sell their homes to pay for the treatment. Before they die, they will be stripped of their property. The banksters will take over everything of value and the people will be left with nothing.

During the reset, a state of national calamity may be imposed, which will give the authorities almost unlimited powers. Under the guise of fighting the effects of disasters, the authorities will be able to ration the purchase of food and other essential goods, ban strikes and demonstrations, and order the evacuation of the population over large areas. They will also be able to seize real estate and take control of certain private enterprises or prohibit its operation. Seeing the effects of the disasters, key professional groups, such as the police, army, civil servants, and even low-level politicians, will be convinced that taking away civil rights is aimed to protect the population. In this way, the authorities will be able to introduce full totalitarianism. Of course, as always, they will say that it is only temporarily, but after the first cataclysms, there will be others, so the state of calamity will be extended again and again and will last for years. Once taken away, civil rights and property will never be returned.


After the great global genocide, there will be a great deal of anger left in society at those who will be blamed for it. Most people will blame Putin, so something will have to be done with him. Perhaps he will end up like Hitler, that is, he will stage a suicide and go out to Argentina, where he will spend the rest of his life pleasantly. However, there will still be a large group of people who will blame Bill Gates and other Satanists for the depopulation. For them, a show will have to be made in which the Satanists are defeated. Perhaps Donald Trump will return to the presidency in 2024 to run this spectacle. In a game of cards, a „trump” (trump) is a playing card that trumps all other cards. This may raise speculation that Trump is being groomed for the one who will ultimately play the role of the winner. In this spectacle, the Satanists will be defeated, and people will believe that the perpetrators have been punished and the rule of law has been restored. Perhaps even parties with an anti-systemic agenda will come to power, but in fact the same global rulers will still be behind them – those who came up with this plan, namely the British royal family and the City of London Corporation. They will achieve their goal of depopulation, remain in power, and just as it was the case with the First and Second World Wars, they will go unpunished this time as well.

I suppose that aliens will play a major role in this spectacle. A false disclosure of the aliens existence will be made. I do not think this will be targeted at society as a whole through the mainstream media, but only at conspiracy theorists. The extraterrestrial beings will look just like humans, or they will not show up at all. Why bother with fancy costumes, after all, whoever wants to believe will believe anything. The aliens will arrive to the rescue, to liberate Earth from the Satanists. This event will become the founding myth of the New Age, that is, a new religion for the New World Order era. A part of society will adopt this faith immediately, and followers of traditional religions will gradually convert to the New Age over time. I hope you will not fall for it. Now, aliens and the New Age may stir excitement as something new and modern, but for future generations they will only be the fetters on the mind that prevent from discovering the truth. For thousands of years, the authorities have manipulated society by the belief in visitors from the sky under various names, and I think it is high time to stop falling for it.

During each of the last three resets, Christians expected Jesus to return to Earth. Each time this ended in disappointment. I think that such expectations will arise this time as well. In fact, they are already arising. For example, the Italian mystic Gisella Cardia heralds great cataclysms, a nuclear world war and the return of Jesus Christ in the coming years.(ref.) I think if she were honest, she would say where she really got her knowledge about disasters. But so it looks more like disinformation aimed at programming people for a fake nuclear war and a fake coming of Jesus. It is not worth believing such people. Jesus will not come. However, they can play us a spectacle of the false coming of a savior. Somehow they will cleverly combine it with the arrival of aliens. In other versions of this spectacle, the savior may be called Maitreya, Kalkin or whatever. Everyone will get such a version they are most willing to believe. Be vigilant and choose carefully what you believe in, because the fantasy of our rulers is limitless.

The New World Order will not necessarily look the way it is portrayed to us. For example, the plan to create a world government may be just a scare tactic. Why would the Crown create a world government when it already controls all of the world’s governments individually? It is possible that they will backtrack on this idea. Then people will naively rejoice that they have won some concessions from the rulers. But in return, they will get a different system, that is even worse and even more devious.

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