Reset 676

  1. 52-year cycle of cataclysms
  2. 13th cycle of cataclysms
  3. Black Death
  4. Justinianic Plague
  5. Dating of Justinianic Plague
  6. Plagues of Cyprian and Athens
  1. Late Bronze Age collapse
  2. 676-year cycle of resets
  3. Abrupt climate changes
  4. Early Bronze Age collapse
  5. Resets in prehistory
  6. Summary
  7. Pyramid of power
  1. Rulers of foreign lands
  2. War of classes
  3. Reset in pop culture
  4. Apocalypse 2023
  5. World infowar
  6. What to do


Life on Earth follows various cycles that depend on astronomical phenomena. For example, the Earth’s rotation causes night to be followed by day, and thanks to the Earth’s circulation around the Sun, winter is followed by spring. The Aztecs and other ancient American civilizations knew also the cycle of cataclysms. They were using a unique calendar mechanism to precisely measure the 52-year cycles that brought death and destruction.

I found the greatest cataclysms in history and discovered that they actually happen in cycles. Every 52 years there is a 2-year period when the Earth becomes a dangerous place. It was during this period, that the following events occurred: all 4 largest earthquakes of the last thousand years; 5 of the 7 most powerful volcanic eruptions whose exact year can be determined (I mean the eruptions from the years: 1815 AD, 1465 AD, 1452 AD, 1257 AD, 1564 BC, 2290 BC, and 4370 BC). In addition, during the period of cataclysms, there was also a powerful tornado in Malta and the two major geomagnetic storms that were not associated with high solar activity. The probability that all these disasters occurred in the period of cataclysms only by chance equals one in many millions.

The ancient Americans were calculating the cycles of disasters using the Tzolk’in calendar, which they developed about 3 thousand years ago. This means that even then they must have known about the existence of the cycle and its exact duration, which is 18980 days. Although in reality the cycle is sometimes a little shorter and sometimes a little longer, it is this number and no other, that is closest to its long-term average duration. It is truly astonishing that ancient Americans were able to calculate this number so accurately. Still, if they had been recording cataclysms for more than two thousand years earlier, then an accurate determination of the cycle length was possible.

In my opinion, the cause of the cataclysms is the cyclical interaction of the interplanetary magnetic field on the Earth. A certain arrangement of the planets causes the magnetic field to interact with much greater force, resulting in global cataclysms. Such a situation usually repeats every 13 cycles, or 676 years. A trace of knowledge about cyclical disasters has been preserved in many cultures. The number 13 has been associated with death and misfortune since ancient times. The ancient Americans suspected the existence of this long cycle as well, and included in their legends a warning of a global cataclysm that reoccurs every 676 years. The significance of this number is confirmed by the Book of Revelation, according to which the number of the beast is to be calculated using the number 666. It turns out, that the number of the beast is 676, which represents the period of cyclical resets.

Cyclical resets

I analyzed the history of global disasters up to 10 thousand years ago to see if the cycle of resets really exists. I was able to find 10 great cataclysms from this period. Among them were great plagues such as the Black Death, the Plague of Justinian, the Plague of Cyprian, and the Plague of Athens. Interestingly, each of these epidemics was caused by plague bacteria. Moreover, in each of these events, we find chroniclers’ accounts saying that the epidemic broke out right after the earthquake. This confirms the thesis that bacteria emerge from the depths of the earth. As for the earlier resets, there is some residual evidence that they too were probably associated with the plague.

The most severe resets cause an abrupt, profound, and long-lasting climate change. The two resets-the 4.2 and 8.2 kilo-year events – were so powerful that they were considered boundary points between geological ages. The latter event had also a devastating effect on civilization. Another reset – the 9.3 kilo-year event – brought about very intense but shorter cooling period. Other reset established a boundary between prehistory and antiquity. This event manifested itself in less intense climatic anomalies, but had a significant impact on the civilization. Yet another reset ended the Bronze Age and ushered in the Iron Age. The most powerful resets always affected the circulation of ocean currents, causing a sudden climate change, which manifested itself in a similar way each time – as periods of global cooling and mega-droughts. Each time, the North Atlantic region was the most affected, because in this part of the world the weather is most dependent on ocean currents. I also found a reset that resulted in the creation of the Black Sea.

It turns out that the cycle of resets is responsible for all the global cataclysms of the last 10 thousand years. All the greatest plagues, severe climatic anomalies, and the collapses of civilizations happened in accordance with this cycle. The power of the resets really cannot be underestimated. They are capable of creating new seas and possibly deserts as well (the formation of the Sahara could have been related to post reset climate change). I suppose that the abrupt ending of the Ice Age was also due to the acceleration of ocean circulation resulting from the reset.

The name „reset” comes from the fact that the most severe global cataclysms always marked the end of an ongoing geological or historical epoch, which was then followed by a new epoch. In addition to the two geological ages, the reset also ended the prehistoric era, the Early Bronze Age, the Late Bronze Age... Then the Justinianic Plague led to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, thus ending the age of antiquity. In turn, the Black Death and the associated demographic collapse were essential factors leading to the Crisis of the Late Middle Ages. This crisis ended centuries of stability in Europe and brought about political changes that in the 15th century resulted in the end of the Middle Ages and the advent of the Renaissance. Some historians suggest that the Black Death led to the near disappearance of serfdom in Western Europe, just as the Justinianic Plague led to the end of ancient slavery, at least in Italy and Spain.

These were the greatest cataclysms of the last 10 thousand years. They all happened very close to the years indicated by the 676-year cycle of resets. Even the dating of the resets from several thousand years ago agrees with the cycle with an accuracy of 1–2 years. The accuracy of the cycle of resets is simply mind-boggling! I did not expect, and you probably either, that it would be so accurate. The probability that it coincided by chance can be calculated in many ways, but it is certainly much less than one in a million. We can be sure that the cycle of resets really exists and that the next global cataclysm will come as early as 2023–2025!

Falsified history

Humanity has experienced resets since the dawn of time, but the memory of them has been erased. In school we were taught mainly about wars, but almost nothing about pestilences and cataclysms, even though they had a decisive influence on the course of history. Do you think the authorities would warn us of the upcoming reset? Do you think they would want to save us? Knowledge about the impending cataclysm is invaluable strategic knowledge that can change the balance of power in the global politics. Countries that prepare well for it will become superpowers. Oligarchs who will invest in industries needed after the cataclysm will become even richer. These psychopaths would certainly not warn us. They think only of themselves. The governments lie to us about everything, and they do not tell us the truth about the reset either. On the contrary, they do their best to hide it from us.

History has been completely distorted, and the goal of hiding the secret knowledge about the cyclical disasters was probably the primary motivation of falsifiers. I suppose that many historical events associated with the resets have been completely erased from history, so we will never have the opportunity to learn about them. Other events have been shifted in the chronology. The Justinianic Plague was moved from the 7th century to the 6th. Fortunately, a very distinctive comet that passed during the plague helped me piece together the fragmented history of those events, and thanks to the solar and lunar eclipses, I was able to determine its true date. There are probably more similar forgeries in history, but it is not always easy to prove them. The most suspicious to me seems to be the date of the Great Famine, which according to official historiography took place in 1315–1317 AD, shortly before the Black Death epidemic.

(ref.)The Great Famine affected most of Europe, reaching as far east as Russia and as far south as Italy. From the spring of 1315 to the summer of 1317, unusually heavy rains fell in much of Europe. It rained throughout the spring and summer, and temperatures remained cool. Under these conditions, grain could not ripen, resulting in widespread crop failures. Also, a great number of devastating floods disrupted harvests and caused mass famine. However, crop failures were not the only cause of famine. During this climate change, cattle in Europe were struck with Bovine Pestilence, caused by a pathogen of unknown identity, sometimes identified as anthrax. The disease caused a decline in sheep and cattle populations of up to 80%. The mass death and illness of cattle drastically affected dairy production. People began to harvest wild edible roots, grasses, and barks from the forests. In Bristol, the city chronicle reported that there was: „A great famine of dearth with such mortality that the living could scarce suffice to bury the dead; horse flesh and dogs flesh was accounted good meat.” Chroniclers of the time noted many incidents of cannibalism. The famine led to the death of an estimated 10–15% of the European population.

Extremely heavy rains and mass death of animals throughout Europe – exactly the same phenomena are described by chroniclers who write about the time of the Black Death! After all, it is very rare for an epidemic to be so great that most animals across the whole continent are dying out. And here it would happen twice, three decades apart. And in both cases, the epidemics were accompanied by torrential rains and great floods. During the Great Famine rainy weather lasted for two years, and during the Black Death it also lasted for two years. I think that the year of the Great Famine was changed to hide the true extent of the extermination. The authorities wanted to hide the fact that all these calamities – pestilence among people, pestilence among animals, climate collapse, and a great famine – happened at the same time. They falsified history so that it was impossible to link these phenomena together and discover the mystery of the resets. I think that the death toll of that reset, in addition to the 50% of the European population who died from the plague, should include another 10–15% of the population who starved to death. It is worth noting that the weather anomalies from the time of the Great Famine are considered to be the initial year of the Little Ice Age. So it turns out that the period of cooling, which lasted for several hundred years, began exactly at the time of the reset!

Expanding Earth
Age of Oceanic Lithosphere (in millions of years)

The chroniclers’ records show that as many as three of the great plague pandemics began in Ethiopia. I think there is an explanation for why the epidemic usually begins right there. The map above shows the age of the ocean floor in different places. The oceans are constantly expanding, so different parts of the bottom are of different ages. The areas marked in red are those parts of the ocean floor that formed relatively recently, within the last few million years. The map shows that the ocean floor is currently spreading just off the coast of Ethiopia (this country is located south of Egypt, on the Red Sea). The African tectonic plate slides away from the Arabian plate, forming a deep fissure near Ethiopia. And through this fissure, plague bacteria emerge from the deep layers of the earth. That is why the plague epidemic usually begins there. However, in the case of extremely strong resets, the source of the plague may be in several different places. Chroniclers wrote that the Black Death began with disasters in India and Turkey, accompanied by fire falling from the sky. They most likely referred to a place in southern Turkey, near Antioch, where the Anatolian tectonic plate moves away from the Arabian plate.

The map above shows that the ocean floor has gradually expanded over the past 150–200 million years. Before this happened, all the lands were interconnected, but at that time they were completely covered by the ocean. Then the lands began to move apart from each other, and oceans gradually formed between them. The map shows that over millions of years all the oceans have significantly increased in area. At the same time, the size of the continents remained unchanged. And this means that the Earth must be growing. According to the theory of the expanding Earth, our planet was once four times smaller in volume than it is today. In my opinion, the Earth is not growing steadily, but mostly in leaps and bounds. The fastest growth occurs during the resets, when tectonic plate movements are greatest. Therefore, I suppose that after the next reset our planet will grow by about 100 meters in circumference. Here you will find an explanation of the theory of the expanding Earth: link 1, link 2.

Ghost towns

Governments have long been preparing for the upcoming reset. The most far-reaching preparations have been made by China. In recent years, China has built a huge number of housing units that still remain unoccupied. Mark Williams, the chief Asia economist at Capital Economics, estimates China has about 30 million unsold properties, which could house 80 million people. That equals nearly the entire population of Germany! On top of that, another 100 million properties, which can accommodate 260 million people, have been purchased but not occupied! Such projects have attracted scrutiny for years and have even been dubbed China’s „ghost towns”.(ref.)

The official version is that these cities arose due to mismanagement. So many apartments were accidentally built, that they would accommodate the entire U.S. population, and yet 10 million apartments would remain vacant... To me, this sounds implausible. We know that of the seven most tragic earthquakes of recent centuries, as many as four occurred in China. After such a cataclysm, there is always a large group of people who survived but lost their homes. China remembers the experience of 2008, when the Sichuan earthquake killed 88,000 people and left at least 4.8 million homeless. Chinese authorities know that the next reset will bring heavy earthquakes, which will destroy many buildings. They expect hundreds of millions of people to lose their homes and have to be accommodated somewhere. That is what China is preparing for.


In 2018, Polish conspiracy researcher Artur Lalak published a theory that resets of civilizations occur cyclically every 676 years, but was unable to support his view with correct and convincing evidence. His theory can be seen here: link. Inspired by him, I decided to do my own research on the history of global cataclysms. After a thorough investigation, I found a lot of evidence of past resets. The most vital point of the reset 676 theory is that it is based on the knowledge of historical global cataclysms that anyone can verify for themselves. I do not leave you in doubt whether the reset will come, but I give you the certainty that it will surely do. The reset 676 theory is the missing puzzle piece that helps explain many other things that were hitherto incomprehensible, including:

It took me 19 months to thoroughly research the topic of cyclic resets, describe it in a detailed and understandable way, verify all the information, and then translate it from Polish into English and format it nicely. I would not have been able to do this if I had shared this time with my professional work. However, I believe it was worth the effort so that you have a chance to prepare for the coming disaster and save your life. You can repay me by donating any amount. This will help me get through this turbulent time. Select your currency to go to the payment system.

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