Reset 676

  1. 52-year cycle of cataclysms
  2. 13th cycle of cataclysms
  3. Black Death
  4. Justinianic Plague
  5. Dating of Justinianic Plague
  6. Plagues of Cyprian and Athens
  1. Late Bronze Age collapse
  2. 676-year cycle of resets
  3. Abrupt climate changes
  4. Early Bronze Age collapse
  5. Resets in prehistory
  6. Summary
  7. Pyramid of power
  1. Rulers of foreign lands
  2. War of classes
  3. Reset in pop culture
  4. Apocalypse 2023
  5. World infowar
  6. What to do

Reset in pop culture

This chapter, while very interesting, is not essential to understanding the reset 676 theory. If you are short on time now, you can save this chapter for later and move on to the next one.

Sometimes it happens that producers of movies and music videos have access to secret information and make hints about future events in their works. The purpose of this is no other than disinformation. The makers of pop culture reveal us only as much truth as is necessary to attract our attention, and at the same time they add a lot of lies to mislead us. For the uninitiated, it is hard to guess which part of the information is true and which is not. For this reason, you should never be guided by messages from music videos and movies. However, we already know the truth from other sources. We know what is going to happen. Therefore, it does not hurt to take a look at the music videos and see what the artists are trying to tell us. I will now analyze several music videos in turn. First, I will discuss them and then I will show the video. But if you like, you can watch the music videos first and try to discover the hidden messages yourself.

Alan Walker – Heading Home

In 2020, the music video for the song „Heading Home” by Alan Walker was released. It shows a woman who finds an ancient book with an ancient secret about a cyclical cataclysm. More specifically, it’s about a meteor shower that has already destroyed the Earth before and is about to hit again.

Alan Walker & Ruben – Heading Home (Official Music Video)

I think the purpose of this video is disinformation. While it reveals the truth about the impending cyclical reset, it draws viewers’ attention only to the threat posed by meteorites. We know that many worse things will happen during the reset. However, someone who does not know this may fall for it and start building a bunker, as the characters in the video have. This bunker will be of little use, since the biggest threat will be the plague.

Ariana Grande – One Last Time

Ariana Grande’s music video from 2015 also warns about meteorites falling from the sky. These are supposed to be debris from a comet that crosses the Earth’s orbit. At the same time, the radio broadcasts news about a great geomagnetic storm and a recommendation to wear a gas mask, which indicates air poisoning. We know that we can expect all these things during the upcoming reset. Besides, the video also mentions some radiation.

Ariana Grande – One Last Time (Official)

Recently, many movies have announced the approach of a catastrophic comet, for example: Only (2019), Greenland (2020), and Don’t Look Up (2021). Some will think that these movies are a warning of the comet’s arrival, but it’s a trap! That is what they want us to think. In fact, it is predictive programming designed to make people think that something similar could happen soon. This is a preparation for a reset when the Earth will be bombarded with meteorites knocked down from the asteroid belt by the interplanetary magnetic field. They want people to believe that these are comet debris. The goal is to give people a false explanation for the cause of disasters. If people will believe that a comet’s flyby is responsible for the meteorites falls, they will not be able to predict or explain the other effects of the reset, such as plague or weather anomalies. Consequently, they will fall for the false explanations given by the authorities, for example, that the cause of the climate collapse is the excessive production of carbon dioxide. But above all, the authorities want people not to find out that the reset is a cyclical event. People are supposed to never find out that the authorities knew about the impending plague and they deliberately gave people injections that reduce their immunity.

Justin Timberlake – Supplies

The theme of a cataclysm, or actually the world after a cataclysm, also appears in the video for the song „Supplies” (Supplies) performed by Justin Timberlake. The song openly calls for stockpiling supplies, suggesting that those who prepare themselves in time will rule after the cataclysm. Against the background of the post-apocalyptic world, the singer sings: „We’ll be living in The Walking Dead”. The most interesting part starts at 3:20, where we see an earthquake. All the buildings around are destroyed. Due to an unspecified cataclysm, the atmosphere is filled with dust, which falls to the ground and covers it with a thick layer. At the end, the boy exclaims: „You’re still asleep. Wake up!”. These words can be interpreted as an admonition to truth seekers who think they understand current events, but they are unaware of the most important thing, namely the coming global cataclysm.

Justin Timberlake – Supplies (Official Video)

Disaster movies

The movie „The Fifth Wave” (2016) does not play with any symbolism. On the contrary, it directly shows everything that is about to happen – power outage, earthquakes, tsunami and pandemic. At the same time, the movie adds a false interpretation of these disasters by showing that their cause is a covert alien attack. This is a typical example of predictive programming. The goal is to program the viewers’ thinking so that when the disasters start, they will think that aliens are responsible for them.

In this movie, the aliens attack the Earth in several waves. The first wave is an attack with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that cuts off power supply. In fact, a similar effect can be caused by a geomagnetic storm. In the second wave, the aliens affect the Earth’s magnetic field, causing earthquakes and mega-tsunami that destroy many coastal cities and islands. There are long intervals of several weeks between each attack. For the third wave, the aliens have prepared a modified bird flu virus that spreads among birds around the world and causes an epidemic in humans. The pandemic kills a large part of humanity. Funnily enough, the aliens in the movie look exactly like humans. This is meant to make viewers open to the possibility of an alien invasion, even though they will not be able to see any bizarre creatures from another planet.

The 5th Wave – Official Trailer (HD)
The full movie in English can be found here: 1, 2, 3.

Another disaster movie that depicts the course of the global cataclysm quite accurately is Global Meltdown (2017). The movie shows such cataclysms as limnic eruptions and toxic air, great volcanic eruption and the formation of deep fissures in the ground. It also mentions massive earthquakes and tsunamis, power outages, and satellite failures (suggesting geomagnetic storms), as well as the refugee crisis and the imposition of martial law. The movie is full of propaganda; it tries to ridicule the truth seekers, while convincing viewers that the New World Order will ensure their safety. When the global cataclysm begins, truth seekers will find this movie and start sharing it as proof that the authorities have long known of the impending global cataclysm. However, this movie aims to do the opposite, which is, to make people feel positive about the government.

Madonna & Quavo – Future

In 2019, Madonna presented her shocking performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel. It was perhaps the most sinister performance ever presented by a world- famous singer. The entire performance is drenched in satanic and anti-Christian symbolism. This is not the first time that the satanic elites have shown that they like to mock the Christian culture. The very pseudonym „Madonna” is blasphemy, as it mockingly refers to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Admittedly, this is rather frivolous behavior, but such is the intellectual level of the elite of this world. Before we go into the performance, it is also worth noting that Madonna is an adept of Kabbalah – the Jewish mysticism that is at the root of most schools of western occultism such as Freemasonry.

The performance began in a cathedral-like setting with hooded men chanting the name „Madonna” as if it were a religious incantation. If you squint your eyes, you can easily see Satan’s face in the center. Satan is in the central place of the cathedral, that is, on the altar. Thus the performance is a black mass in honor of Satan.

A black, hooded female figure has always been associated with a grim reaper. This is exactly how the Madonna was dressed.

After her name is chanted, the Grand Priestess appears at the top of the stairs, dressed as if she was about to partake in a dark, occult ritual. Madonna has one eye covered, which is a symbol often used by members of the Cult of Saturn. The letter „X” may be an allusion to the Planet X.

Madonna started her performance by singing the old and well-known pseudo-religious song „Like a Prayer” (Like a prayer) which, given this setting, took on a strongly satanic overtone. Then, in a duet with rapper Quavo, she sang a new song titled Future (the Future). The performance was a kind of prophecy of what is to happen in the coming years.

The dancers wore gas masks. Many viewers considered this to be an ominous harbinger. Most of them saw it as a foreshadowing of the coronavirus pandemic and the legal obligation to wear masks. However, in my opinion, gas masks are clearly associated with toxic air. As such, they should be seen as a harbinger of the pestiferous air that will be released from the ground during the reset.

In the next scene, Madame X brings death to the people. One by one, they drop dead because of her. This is a symbolic representation of the deadly pestilence and depopulation to come. Madonna is wearing a crown on her head, which makes it clear that this is the Crown, that is the British monarch and the City of London, who is responsible for the death of people. The satanic setting of the performance makes it a true satanic ritual. The elites responsible for depopulation are thus sending a message to Satan that the death of billions of people is a sacrifice to him. This only shows how morally degenerated the people who run the world are.

Then Madame X emits a fiery blast. The people are falling to the ground. This can be interpreted as a shock wave that will be created after the fall of a large asteroid.

Immediately afterwards, a wave can be seen that floods everything. This could be a tsunami triggered by an earthquake or an asteroid falling into the sea.

Then a picture of a city completely destroyed by the shock wave appears. The Statue of Liberty has been broken, which can be taken as a symbol of the world after the reset where there will be no more liberties.

Then, behind the dancers a space-time tunnel appears, that takes them into the future. This is a symbolic representation of the fact that after the reset, a new era and a new system will come – the New World Order.

Towards the end of the performance, the shadow of a church, that is turned upside-down, can be seen on the stairs. This image probably symbolizes the coming demise of Christianity. The inverted cross is also a symbol of Satanism. Thus the future is supposed to belong to Satan. The singers go up the stairs, which symbolizes ascension, spiritual development, enlightenment. Above the stairs, the enter to other dimensions open. The dancers in turn leave their bodies and travel into another dimension. This is the vision of the future that Madonna presents in her performance.

At the end of the performance there is also a triangle or a pyramid, that is, a symbol of the global rulers. The speech ends with the call: „Wake Up”, just like it was in Justin Timberlake’s music video. But even more horrific than the scenery itself are the words of the song sung by Madonna, which read:

Not everyone is coming to the future
Not everyone is learning from the past
Not everyone can come into the future
Not everyone that’s here is gonna last

The lyrics of the song make it clear that not every person watching the concert has a chance to get to the future. Not everyone will survive. Only those who learn a lesson from history will survive. The singer undoubtedly means the knowledge of cyclical resets. The elites have this knowledge. They are already prepared, so they will survive the global cataclysm. And the people who don’t know history will perish. Now is the time to watch Madonna’s performance. The most interesting part starts at 4:54, but it is worth watching the full video.

Madonna & Quavo – Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Finally, it is worth to mention the song Radioactive performed by the band Imagine Dragons, which very clearly programs minds for the coming of the apocalypse caused by radiation. The theme of a global cataclysm also appears in Katy Perry’s music video Not the End of the World (Not the end of the world). In this case, the destruction of the Earth is to be associated with the arrival of the Annunakis (aliens from the mythical planet Nibiru). Also worth mentioning is the bizarre short movie entitled I, Pet Goat II, which features cataclysmic themes such as a volcanic eruption, falling meteorites and something reminiscent of solar flares. In addition, various disasters are foreshadowed by the cover of The Economist.

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