Reset 676

  1. 52-year cycle of cataclysms
  2. 13th cycle of cataclysms
  3. Black Death
  4. Justinianic Plague
  5. Dating of Justinianic Plague
  6. Plagues of Cyprian and Athens
  1. Late Bronze Age collapse
  2. 676-year cycle of resets
  3. Abrupt climate changes
  4. Early Bronze Age collapse
  5. Resets in prehistory
  6. Summary
  7. Pyramid of power
  1. Rulers of foreign lands
  2. War of classes
  3. Reset in pop culture
  4. Apocalypse 2023
  5. World infowar
  6. What to do

War of classes

I think everyone agree that we live in interesting times. The world has been changing rapidly in recent years. So much is happening that hardly anyone understands what it is all about. Society has divided into worldview groups warring with each other. The front line of the war runs inside nations, circles of friends and families. The authorities are deliberately fomenting artificial divisions to distract attention from the only significant social division, which is the division into two social classes with completely opposite interests – the ruling class and the subordinate class. That is, the division into those who manipulate and those who are manipulated. The authorities set people against each other by using the old and proven method of „divide and rule” so that people are unable to recognize their real enemy, which is governments, corporations and media. The media of mass destruction bombard us with lies and fear every day. A psychological war is underway, which is a part of the long-running war against humanity. It is a war that governments all over the world are waging against their citizens. It is no coincidence that this massive disinformation campaign is being carried out just before the global cataclysm. The main goal of those in power is to stay in power in these turbulent times and introduce a new regime that will give them even more control over society. Therefore, they are trying to stuff as much nonsense as possible into each person’s head. They want people to be disoriented at the time of the reset and not know what is really going on. An uninformed and divided public will be easily lured into the trap of the new political system. Fortunately, the knowledge of the upcoming reset gives us a new perspective on what is happening now. Thanks to it, we will be able to sort through all this information chaos and understand current events.

You should have voted Democrat!
You should have voted Republican!

Hoax of 2012

Before 2012, there was a lot of media hype about the end of the world, supposedly predicted by the Maya. All this hype was based on flimsy assumptions, as I have shown before. Even so, the word of the end of the world spread. Both conspiracy theorists and the mainstream media were talking about it. In 2009, there was even a Hollywood movie titled „2012” released. The movie prophesied that the world would be destroyed by powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If you have some time, you can watch this movie to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming reset. You can watch it in English on one of these websites: 1, 2, 3, 4.

2012 Trailer

Now it becomes clear that all this hype about the year 2012 was intended to alienate people from the subject of cataclysms and the Mayan calendar. They rightly warned us about the upcoming reset, but gave us a completely incorrect year for this event. People were waiting for 2012, and when that year came and nothing unusual happened, they became discouraged by similar prophecies. Now, when they hear again about the prediction of the end of the world engraved on the Aztec Sun Stone, they will not be interested in the subject anymore. If the authorities intended to hide the impending reset, this is the kind of the psychological operation they would have to perform. And this is exactly what they did.

There were more such false ends of the world. For example, in 2017, media around the world reported that a Brazilian senator, citing secret information from NASA, warned of a planet Nibiru (Planet X) that was approaching Earth and would lead to the extermination of humanity.(ref.) The information about Nibiru turned out to be another vile lie, but the authorities achieved their goal. The subject of a global catastrophe has been once again ridiculed.

On December 21, 2020, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn took place. Before that day, theories appeared on the internet that on the day of the conjunction the end of the world would come, or the Earth would move to another dimension. No one bothered to give any substantive justification for these theories, but they spread on the internet anyway. The purpose of this operation was to discredit the claims that the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn could somehow lead to a catastrophe. Now when someone hears about the theory of Reset 676, they will not believe in it. This is how secret services conduct disinformation operations on behalf of the government. First they make up nonsensical conspiracy theories and then they ridicule them themselves. And they certainly have a lot of fun doing it. But, well, if there was no truth in the theory that the conjunction might have to do with cataclysms, then there would be no need to ridicule it.

Disinformation in independent media

The information provided by the mainstream media is basically all lies or manipulation. People who begin to realize this turn to independent media or conspiracy theories, hoping to find the truth in them. Unfortunately, the authorities are prepared for this and have long been very active in the independent media. Agents flood the internet with false conspiracy theories to make it harder for us to find the valuable ones.

There is a lot of disinformation about the origin of the rulers of the Earth. Some theories say that the Jesuit Order is the group that has taken over world domination. I think that the rulers are spreading such rumors in order to accuse their biggest enemy, the Catholic Church, for their own crimes. According to other theories, the global rulers came to power thanks to the discovery of ancient knowledge originating in Atlantis. There are also theories that they have been ruling the world in secret for as many as thousands of years or that some higher power is behind them – aliens, Reptilians or even Satan himself. I think such beliefs are spread to ridicule conspiracy theories in the eyes of those who do not believe in them, while making those who do believe in them feel powerless to fight against the authorities. After all, any fight against aliens or against Satan seems doomed to failure. I think that such theories are created to lower our morale. The global rulers follow the basic rule of warfare, which is: „Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” Their main weapon is manipulation, so they try to convince us that they have some paranormal powers. In reality, the world is ruled by a small group of people and no one else. We can defeat them. We just have to start thinking realistically and acting sensibly.

The Qanon is a very dangerous disinformation operation, as perhaps most of you have already noticed. Donald Trump has done little to defeat the deep state, as he calls the global rulers. He only made it appear that he was fighting them. On the most important issue, which is the coronavirus pandemic, he acted in line with the interests of the global rulers. He openly talked about „miracle vaccines” and did everything possible to introduce them in his country as soon as possible. And most importantly, neither Trump nor Qanon told us anything about the cyclical reset, so I see no reason to trust them. In my opinion, the mysterious letter Q might allude to the person at the top of the pyramid of power for whom this operation is being conducted, namely Queen (Queen) Elizabeth II. The purpose of this disinformation operation was to give people false hopes that someone would do something for them to discourage them from fighting on their own. For those who still believe Qanon, I recommend watching this short video: Honest Government Ad | Q (3m 49s).

Many truth seekers explore the subject of aliens with great passion. There are plenty of various theories about aliens on the internet. People who believe in extraterrestrials rely on such evidence as statements from high-ranking military or NASA personnel who „reveal” that they have had contact with aliens. Some people consider their words credible because they assume that such people would have no reason to lie. However, in my opinion, insiders who report on aliens are agents of disinformation and of course they have an interest in lying. The topic of aliens serves as a distraction from issues that are really important. It is about bringing people who seek the truth into the world of fantasies to distract them from the truth and fighting the system. It’s about keeping people busy with unproductive issues so that they do not prevent the rulers from implementing their nefarious plans. Aliens are a favorite topic of disinformation agents. It allows them to invent a myriad of different stories that no one is able to verify anyway. In my opinion, all conspiracy theories about aliens are nothing more than fairy tales. I got interested in this subject myself and I think it was a waste of time. If you want my advice, let me tell you that it is best not to bother with aliens at all.

In the 1960s, the so-called „Report from the Iron Mountain” leaked to the public.(ref., ref.) The purpose of this secret document was to outline various ways to intimidate the public so that the authorities could maintain control over it. One of the several ways considered was the mock alien invasion of Earth. At that time, the rulers shelved this idea, opting instead to scare us with an environmental catastrophe – first with global cooling, then the hole in the ozone layer, then depletion of crude oil, and now global warming. Currently, however, we can see that they are returning to the idea of scaring us with aliens. Recently, the Pentagon released a report on UFOs that included alleged footage of unidentified flying objects.(ref.) In my opinion, these footage are fake. They are very blurry; it is not a problem to create something like this with a computer. They are not real spacecraft. If the authorities and the media lie to us about everything, why should we believe them when they say that aliens have come? One can see that for the time being they have stopped „revealing” more information about UFOs because people are already wiser and few believed in the recordings from the Pentagon. However, during the reset, when so many different disasters will be occurring, they will return to this issue and try to make us believe that an alien invasion is taking place. If we will believe that aliens have come to Earth, then the governments will become the intermediaries between the aliens and us. It is the politicians who will be telling us what actions the aliens expect us to take. They will tell us, for example, that the aliens require us to lower our standard of living in order to save the planet from global warming. This is just another way to control our consciousness and behavior. Let’s not fall for it.

The topic of aliens often goes hand in hand with the New Age belief system. Based on my own observations of this topic, I think that although the New Age topic is very broad, it is based on a very weak factual basis. New Age proponents basically do not even bother to provide evidence for their claims. It is faith and nothing else. I consider it a dangerous ideology because it makes people passive. According to the proponents of the New Age, we just have to believe that it will be fine and the universe will arrange events according to our thoughts and problems will solve themselves. Some also expect that aliens will come to save us from tyranny. Such beliefs are spread by disinformation agents to mentally disarm people. The goal is that we should not be able to defend ourselves effectively and take any effective actions against tyranny, but will only plunge into a world of wishes and dreams. Such people are rendered harmless to the system.

New Age leaders predict an imminent transition of humanity to a higher dimension of consciousness. They claim that this will happen after a great global cataclysm. I think if they were honest, they would say how they know about the coming cataclysm. They would say when exactly it is going to happen and what its course will be so that people can prepare for it. But they do not say that. They claim that they have received this information from the aliens. I think their intention is to use the upcoming reset to lend credence to the existence of aliens and New Age beliefs. It looks to me like these are preparations for the introduction of a new religion based on the belief in extraterrestrials. In this new religion, the aliens will be considered gods. The backward Cult of Saturn intends to bring humanity down to their level, that is, to the level of ancient polytheistic religions. Probably they will not introduce this faith immediately for the whole mankind, because the traditional religions are doing still their job well. At first, they will convince to the New Age only that part of society that currently professes no religion. The idea is to get everyone to believe in something, because believers are easier to manipulate than those who rely on evidence.

The theory of Reset 676 completely discredits clairvoyants. Although there are many predictions about the end of the world, none of them give a time and course of the disaster that is consistent with this theory. I advise you to be very careful with the prophecies of clairvoyants, because they are sometimes used for the purpose of disinformation. It is known that Baba Vanga was a KGB agent. The scam is based on the fact that the alleged clairvoyants have access to secret information. They know long in advance what is going to happen in the future. They know, for example, that there will be great disasters and reveal people part of the truth to gain their trust. But they also put lies into the story to mislead people, for example, about the course of the disaster, so that we do not know how to prepare for it. In my opinion, it is better not to listen to clairvoyants.

Now that I know the Reset 676 theory, I can clearly see that the authorities are in full control of the conspiracy theory community. They have succeeded in distracting truth seekers from the most important thing, which is the impending global cataclysm. I am not saying that most conspiracy publicists are agents of disinformation. On the contrary, I think that very few agents are sufficient to control this entire community. The agents make up false theories, and the rest of the people naively believe them and pass them on. The truth seekers are losing the current information war miserably. The authorities are step by step, unhindered, implementing their plan to introduce tyranny, and the truth seekers are discovering only that what the authorities want them to discover. Do not be fooled any more. Do not take anyone’s word for granted and always verify all information very carefully.

Suspicious pandemic

The theory of cyclical resets is based on knowledge of disasters that occurred in the past. It is in no way dependent on current events. However, current events, and especially the coronavirus pandemic, confirm that governments are preparing for something. The theory of Reset 676 assumes that a plague should break out in 2023. And strangely enough, just 3 years before that year, a very suspicious pandemic begins. A pandemic of a disease so „dangerous” that you have to take a special test to find out if you are sick at all. Why are such strange things happening right now?

Governments are expecting the plague to come and want to prepare for it in advance. They want to do a trial run before a real pandemic to see how people will react and to what extent they will be rebelling. They want to implement and test solutions early on that they will need during the reset. During this pandemic, they have introduced censorship on major websites. In particular, information about vaccines, graphene, the dangers of the 5G network, and the Pizzagate affair are being deleted. The same censorship mechanisms will be used later to hide from the public the disasters happening all over the world. They are going to hide from us the fact that the plague is a cyclical cataclysm. They are going to hide the fact that they have long known about the impending disaster, but they deliberately did not prepare society for it. And most importantly, this very suspicious pandemic was to be an excuse to get billions of people to accept injections of the very suspicious medical preparation.

Suspicious injections

Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Authorisation to supply or administer a poison [SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine – Australian Defence Force]

The most important area of information war and the issue that stirs up the most controversy are the so-called vaccines, which are injections of an experimental drug with a confidential composition and unknown action. The injections are distributed under the marketing name „COVID-19 vaccine”, but the Australian government in its documents explicitly refers to this drug as a poison. And given the fact that the injections are administered en masse just before the apocalypse, it is also legitimate to call them the „mark of the beast”. I will be using the neutral term „injection” here.

People who have taken the injection report numerous side effects. The best documented ones are: blood clots, heart attacks, decreased immunity, cancer, and miscarriages. In about one in a thousand cases, taking the injection results in rapid death. The injections also destroy the blood-brain barrier that protects the brain from toxins from the body. In a few years, this will result in an epidemic of all types of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Moreover, many reports indicate that people who have taken the injection spread the toxic spike protein to people around them. All these facts show that, under the guise of a vaccination campaign, humanity has been attacked with a biological weapon.

A study by prof. Pablo Campra of the University of Almeria has demonstrated the presence of graphene in the injections.(ref.) It is probably this material that is responsible for much of the side effects of the injection. Graphene is not a biological substance, but rather a technology. It is not known exactly what function it has in the injections, but it must be very important, since they chose to use it regardless of the side effects. The reason the injections destroy the blood-brain barrier is probably the intention to allow graphene to penetrate the brain. It is possible that the purpose of graphene is to control people’s minds and behavior.

In women in the first trimester of pregnancy, taking the injection results in fetal death in about 80% of cases (older pregnancies are much more resistant).(ref.) A few months after starting the administration of the injection, a several percent drop in the number of babies born has been observed in many countries.(ref.) If we take into account the fact that someone like Bill Gates is invested in the injections, then miscarriages should basically be considered not as a side effect, but as an intended effect. Bill Gates, despite having three children, believes that there are too many people in the world and his goal is to reduce the population. This is in his family tradition, as his father was on the board of Planned Parenthood, the largest organization involved with abortions. In view of this, it should come as no surprise that the injections accomplish this goal.

Research by Jorge Domínguez-Andrés shows that the injections reprogram the immune system.(ref.) As a result, they provide some little protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while reducing immunity to other types of viruses and bacteria. This fact is confirmed by the daily experience of many people. One often encounters the opinion that people who have taken the shot are more likely to suffer from colds and flu, and they have a harder time getting through the illness. This is also confirmed by Dr. Robert Malone, who is one of the inventors of the mRNA technology used in the injections, making him an expert in this field. Dr. Malone claims that the injections destroy the immune system, causing a certain form of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome),(ref.) which was given the name VAIDS (vaccine-induced AIDS).

Are you beginning to understand what is going on here?! Just before the plague was about to break out, governments around the world gave people injections that destroy their immunity! At a time when immune system is a matter of life and death, the authorities deliberately and knowingly gave people the injections that will weaken them! This is a genocide! When the plague begins, billions of people will die because of this lack of immunity! It will be a real hecatomb! A doom like the world has never seen before! And it is the governments that are responsible for this! When I started to analyze this topic, I did not expect that I would come to such horrible conclusions...

Placebo for the chosen ones

Many people will die because of the injections, but I do not think the rulers want to kill everyone. Note that in many countries they make vaccination mandatory for government officials, soldiers, policemen, doctors, and corporate employees, that is, for all the professional groups who keep this inhumane system running. After all, if all the jabbed people died out, the system would collapse. I think the rulers will not let that happen and will not kill the people they need.

Scientists who study the formulations discover that the individual batches differ in composition. Also, the number of side effects after some batches of the injection is much greater than after others. Interesting information on this subject was revealed by a nurse from Slovenia.(ref., ref.) The head nurse, who worked at the University Medical Center in Ljubljana responsible for receiving and distributing the vaccines, has resigned in outrage. She spoke to the media and showed vials of liquids. The vials had codes on the labels, each with a digit „1”, „2” or „3” in the code. She then explained the meaning of these numbers. The number „1” is a placebo, a saline solution. The number „2” is a classical RNA. The number „3” is an RNA stick that contains the oncogene associated with the adenovirus, which contributes to the development of cancer. In the case of these vials, people who receive them will develop soft tissue cancer within 3 to 10 years. The nurse said that she personally witnessed the injection for many politicians and tycoons, and all of them received a vial with the number „1”, that is, they received the saline solution (a placebo).

So the elites get a placebo and they will have a chance to survive the plague. Among the normal people, there are also some who receive a placebo. The only question is, which of them? The authorities have a unique opportunity here to make a selection, that is, to chose those who are useful to the system. I find it hard to imagine that they would not take advantage of this opportunity. Note that different social groups were gradually allowed to take the injections. Thus, some groups got the injection from a different batch than other people. The first batch went to doctors and nurses. I suppose it was a good batch because if doctors were given a very harmful injection, they would not want to recommend it to their patients.

The authorities also have the ability to evaluate each person individually for usefulness and give the injection selected for them. This is very simple to do. When a person signs up to take the injection, they first provide their personal information, then the system processes that and gives a choice of several dates to take the injection. The system certainly knows which batch of the injection will be dispensed at a particular location and on a particular day. I think the system gives people who are supposed to survive a different date for the injection. That way, the system can decide who gets the placebo and who gets VAIDS and cancer. And I think that’s how it works. The rulers would not leave such an important decision to blind fate.

The authorities know everything about us. They know where we work and how much tax we pay. From our activity on the internet, they know our views, and even better than we ourselves do. Perhaps they have long ago selected the people they need in their „brave new world”. I suppose that people who work for the system, that is, for the state or large corporations, have a chance of getting a harmless placebo. The unlucky group is likely to include the elderly, the unemployed, or those who work in jobs that will soon be automated (e.g., drivers, cashiers, telemarketers). In the new system, small and medium-sized businesses are to be replaced by corporations, so it can be assumed that their owners and employees are not needed either. In my opinion, religious people or those with conservative views also cannot expect any gentler treatment.

I think it is also possible that some people will be lucky enough to get a real vaccine against the plague. Perhaps it will be included in one of the next doses of the injection. In this case, those who are most obedient and trust politicians immeasurably would be saved. This would probably be the most favorable solution for the authorities, but one can only speculate whether they will choose to do so. The opposite is also possible – that the government will be giving fake plague vaccines in order to apply lethal injections to people who have not taken them so far. I caution you against accepting any medical drug that is forced on you by the government.


Plague is a deadly and highly contagious disease. It is known from past epidemics that untreated pneumonic plague and septicemic plague are almost always fatal. It is sometimes possible to get out of the bubonic form of the plague disease, but even in these cases the mortality rate is very high, ranging from a dozen to as much as 80%. But, after all, we do not live in the Middle Ages anymore! We have disinfectants and knowledge of how to avoid infection. There has even been a vaccine against the plague for over a hundred years! We also have antibiotics, and the plague can be treated with them! With proper and early started antibiotic therapy, the mortality rate for bubonic plague can be reduced to less than 5%, and for pneumonic plague and septicemic plague to less than 20%. The authorities had plenty of time to prepare us for the plague. They knew it was coming for many years. And if they had only wanted to, they could have saved us all.

Unfortunately, governments are doing nothing to prepare us or improve our immunity. Quite the contrary! They keep everything secret so that we cannot prepare. They have introduced lockdowns and quarantines, even though they know very well that immunity decreases in people deprived of sunlight, without contact with other people, and under stress. It seems that governments are trying to make the number of victims as high as possible. They have introduced social isolation now, when it is unnecessary. As a result, people will be unwilling to follow instructions when they are really needed. They mandate wearing of masks, even in places where we do not come into contact with other people, and even recommend using several masks at the same time. In this way, they are trying to create an aversion to masks and other precautions so that people will not want to use them when they will be needed. In addition, they have withdrawn the plague vaccine (in the USA).(ref.) They keep scaring us with new strains of the virus so that we do not get the idea that the cause of the epidemic could be bacteria, because bacteria can be easily killed with antibiotics. And worst of all, just before the plague, they gave people the injection that reduces immunity! The governments are doing everything they can to kill us, or at least a large part of us!

I think that the rulers have chosen the people they need in the new system and who are supposed to survive. From the psychopaths’ point of view, this is a perfect plan. Plus, it is probably completely legal. The authorities will not kill anyone. It is the plague that will kill. The rulers only encouraged people to receive the experimental medical preparations. The manufacturers, the state and the doctors have disclaimed responsibility for the effects caused by these medical preparations. People have participated in this medical experiment at their own risk. The authorities have clean hands. They have executed their plan perfectly.

I think there will be no depopulation in China. This country is building cities en masse. They would not incur these enormous costs without a reason. They are doing this because they know that there will be great earthquakes that will destroy many buildings. These dwellings will be needed for the survivors of the cataclysm. There will be no depopulation in China because they do not need it. China is a model state of the global rulers where people are already fully controlled. China is the „factory of the world”. The average Chinese works 2174 hours a year, while the average German works only 1354 hours. Moreover, Chinese labor costs much less. Therefore, the global rulers want China to survive the reset without major loss of lives. The situation is different in other countries. There earthquakes will also occur and buildings will collapse, but no new ones are being built because there is no one for whom. Governments have done their best to ensure that a large percentage of people will die from the plague. Besides, it can be seen that China is hoarding huge amounts of food. Currently, the country has about 50% of the world’s supplies of wheat and other grains. China is preparing to feed its people in times of famine, but other countries are not doing so. The rest of the world is keeping its grain stocks at the lowest level for several years.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

It is worth remembering at this point the mysterious stone tablets called „Georgia Guidestones”, erected by Freemasonry in the state of Georgia (USA). On the tablets are engraved the ten commandments for mankind for a new age. Particularly controversial is the first rule, which reads: „Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature”. The figure of 500 million given here indicates an intention to reduce the population very drastically. However, I think this is a plan for the distant future. I do not see sufficient evidence to claim that such a significant reduction in population will already occur during this reset. This will not be possible even if it turns out that the injections cause mass infertility. More plausible seem the figures given by Stanley Johnson – a politician and father of the recent British prime minister. He recently stated that his country’s population should drop from the current 67 million to 10–15 million, and this should happen by 2025 at the latest.(ref.) However, based on information about how many people died in previous plagues, and taking into account that now many people will be immunocompromised, I might be tempted to make my own estimates of mortality. I would like to point out that these are estimates based on very uncertain data. In my opinion, out of the 6.5 billion people living outside of China, some 3 billion will die in the next plague. And of those who survive, within the next few years a few hundred million will develop cancer from taking the injection.

Why they are killing us

You are probably wondering why governments have decided to exterminate humanity. There can be many reasons, but it is worth noting that similar things have already happened during the previous reset. Do you remember what the slaveholders did during the Black Death when the cataclysm struck Cyprus? Let me remind you of this passage from Justus Hecker’s book.

On the island of Cyprus, the plague from the East had already broken out; when an earthquake shook the foundations of the island, and was accompanied by so frightful a hurricane, that the inhabitants who had slain their Mahometan slaves, in order that they might not themselves be subjugated by them, fled in dismay, in all directions.

Justus Hecker, The Black Death, and The Dancing Mania

The slave owners abused them all their lives. Suddenly, because of a natural disaster, life on the island collapsed. The owners knew that under these conditions they would not be able to keep the slaves under control. They were faced with a choice: either kill their slaves or risk their revenge and be killed themselves. Surely they were sorry for losing the slaves, as they were worth a lot of money, but they still chose safety.

Nowadays, the rulers could provide us all with real vaccines and antibiotics. They could save everyone from the plague. However, there is something they cannot control – a climate change. The resets have always led to a climatic collapse. Heavy rains, droughts and frosts destroyed crops. Then came a plague of locusts. To make matters worse, cattle died out from the plague. All these disasters usually resulted in terrible famines all over the world. Even for a population decimated by the plague, there was not enough food.

In the 14th century, the Great Famine led to a stark increase in crime, even among those not normally inclined to criminal activity, because people would resort to any means to feed themselves and their families. The famine also undermined confidence in medieval governments, as they failed to overcome the crisis. In a society whose last resort for almost all problems was religion, no amount of prayer seemed effective against the root causes of the famine. This undermined the institutional authority of the Roman Catholic Church and helped lay the foundation for later movements that opposed the papacy and blamed the failure of prayer on corruption and doctrinal errors within the Church.

In the past, there were far fewer people in the world. In times of famine, they could go into the wild to hunt or gather some herbs or acorns. Even so, a large part of the population starved to death. Today there are so many people that even acorns are not enough. So in modern times, the famine would be even worse. And although modern people are much more obedient to the authorities – they obey even the stupidest orders without grumbling – I think if they ran out of food they would quickly start thinking reasonably. Then they would lose confidence in the government and start rebelling. And that would be the situation all over the world. The whole system would collapse. There could be a revolution, so the rule of the oligarchs would be under threat. And no one gives up power, to anyone and at any price. The solution is to reduce the population to the level where there would be no famine. And that could be the reason why we have to die.

Now you probably understand why almost all the governments of the world, the vast majority of politicians, the big corporations, and even the Church and other religious authorities – all supported the plan of a fake pandemic and mass euthanasia. The rulers were given a choice: either you join the depopulation plan and stay in power, or a great famine comes, many people die anyway, and you lose power. No one wants to lose power.

Of course, there may be other reasons for depopulation, such as ecological reasons. The rulers make no secret at all that in their opinion there are too many people in the world. Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, once said: „In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” As the world population grows, so does the consumption of non-renewable resources. In addition, the growth of civilization is causing the extinction of numerous animal and plant species, and intensive agriculture is gradually degrade the soil. Many people also believe that human activity will bring about catastrophic global warming. I think it was environmental reasons that convinced most politicians to support the population reduction plan.

It is also possible that the reasons are much less understandable. The people who rule the world are mostly over 80, and often over 90 years old. They inherited power from their ancestors and lived in wealth all their lives. They have little or no compassion for the lower classes, just as the average person has little compassion for animals. I think the elite despise the commoners for being so mentally weak; for not rebelling when they are humiliated by authorities; for not understanding the rules of the world and falling for the same psychological tricks over and over again. Maybe the rulers just want to have fun in the last moments of their lives and kill us for fun? It is also possible that they want to take revenge for past wrongs – for the destruction of Carthage and Khazaria. Or maybe they want to please their god Saturn and offer humankind to him as a sacrifice. To us, these reasons may seem silly, but they take it completely seriously. Or maybe their goal is simply to seize the Earth for themselves. Throughout history, nations have invaded others, appropriated their land and populated it. Why should it be any different now? As you can see, the reasons are numerous, and rather than pointlessly asking why they would kill us, it is more appropriate to ask: Why would they not do this when they have a great opportunity?

The Crown is responsible for all the bloodiest wars of the last few centuries, as well as colonial conquests, the slave trade in America, and numerous genocides. The victims of their ruthless policies are already in the hundreds of millions. However, the rulers of the world have never been held accountable for any of their crimes, and have never suffered any punishment. They have shown many times that mass killing of people is not a problem for them, so it goes without saying that they are capable of doing it again.

Great migrations

The most powerful resets have always led to mass migrations of people. For example, at the fall of antiquity, barbarians migrated from the north to the more attractive, better developed, and depopulated territories of the Western Roman Empire, which eventually led to its collapse. There is much to suggest that the upcoming reset will also bring massive migrations. According to my very speculative estimates, about 60% of the population will die out in the EU, the USA and other developed countries of the North. In other countries it will not be much better. The EU and the USA are two big economies that together account for almost 1/3 of the world’s GDP. On their territory there are many profitable factories and companies, well-developed infrastructure and high labor productivity. We know that after the Black Death, when many people died out, the economy was in desperate need of workers. This time it will not be any different. I do not think developed countries will wait several generations for their populations to recover. Governments will rather bring in cheap labor from southern countries. Citizens will readily accept immigrants to stave off the economic crisis. Hundreds of millions of immigrants will come to the EU and the USA.

Southern countries will need a hundred years or more to restore their populations after the reset, but they will eventually return to their current number. On the other hand, the demographics of northern countries will change forever. The current population will be replaced by immigrants. Native peoples will become a minority in these countries and will never renew their populations again. Their countries will already be saturated with population, so they will have no potential for further growth. The EU and the USA will survive as political entities, but for the nations living in them it will be the final demise, comparable to the fall of the Roman Empire. Conspiracy theories about an impending racial exchange have been surfacing on the internet for some time, but only now is it becoming clear when and how this will happen. Workers from the EU and the USA, who have high wage demands, will be replaced by cheap labor from the South and East (from Ukraine). Wages in developed countries will be significantly reduced. Immigrants of different races, speaking different languages and unfamiliar with life in new countries will not fight for their rights. They will accept the low standard of living and the New World Order without resistance. In this way, the ruling elite will gain total control over the population of the world’s largest economies. And perhaps this is the main goal of the ongoing class war and the depopulation.

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